When can you claim for PTSD and how much can you claim

Using a car accident victim online question – this article will explain when you can claim for PTSD as a result of a road accident and how your solicitor calculates the amount of compensation you might be entitled to receive.

Car Accident PTSD Question

I was involved in a car accident head on collision which was not my fault, I suffered back injuries, but also psychological injuries. I keep having flash backs and sleepless nights and I went to see my GP who has told me that I am likely suffering from PTSD / post traumatic stress disorder.

When can I claim compensation for PTSD caused in an accident and how much is a post traumatic stress injury likely to be worth?

Road Accident Solicitor Response

To be able to make a claim for post traumatic stress disorder in a car accident you must be able to show that the car accident was significant enough that it could cause PTSD. In practice this would mean that you not only suffer psychological injury, but also reasonably significant physical injury.

Claims for post traumatic stress disorder in the absence of physical injury are extremely difficult claims to succeed with.

In your car accident you have been clear that it was a head on collision and in addition to PTSD you suffered other physical injuries – including back injury. A head on collision of this nature is consistent with a type of accident that could cause PTSD.

There are some other considerations that we recommend you consider:

Have your post traumatic stress disorder properly verified

You have mentioned that your GP has confirmed that you are likely to be suffering from post traumatic stress, but this does not appear to be definitive. You should return to your GP to discuss your ongoing symptoms and ensure you are referred to a specialist psychiatrist or clinical psychologist for a proper analysis and treatment.

Such consultants will be able to give a more accurate diagnosis of PTSD and if diagnosed will ensure you receive the correct treatment.

See our articles symptoms of post traumatic stress and criteria necessary to show post traumatic stress disorder.

How to claim compensation for post traumatic stress syndrome

Your claim will be a single claim for compensation for all of your physical and psychological injuries together with financial loss and expense.

See our road traffic accident article – which sets out the claims process for compensation following a car accident.

ptsd car accident claim
PTSD Car Accident Claim

How much compensation is PTSD likely to be worth

The amount of compensation for PTSD is dependent on the severity and likely duration of the symptoms.

See our post traumatic stress syndrome article describing in detail how the amount of compensation is calculated for post traumatic stress disorder – with examples of average compensation payments from minor to severe PTSD..

We offer a number of specialist solicitor free online legal help if you have been involved in an accident. You can speak to a specialist solicitor in person, ask an online question or have your potential PTSD claim assessed.