Whiplash Compensation Settlement

Whiplash Compensation Settlement: Should I accept the amount of compensation offered in my UK road accident claim?

Whiplash compensation settlement: I am making my own whiplash compensation claim in the UK and have been offered a sum of £1,500 in full and final settlement by the insurer of the driver who was at fault for my road accident.  It has been two years since my car accident and my neck is still causing me pain.

If I accept the £1,500 settlement – is it the end of my claim and do you think this is a fair sum of compensation?

Whiplash compensation settlement: RTA solicitor response

I do not think you should accept the whiplash compensation settlement offer for the following reasons:

1. Compensation for your whiplash injury is worth far in excess of £1,500

You have indicated clearly that your whiplash is ongoing and has already lasted for two years. For your whiplash injury alone your compensation is worth in excess of £5,000.

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2. Other losses and injuries should be added to your whiplash compensation settlement offer

Whiplash Compensation Settlement Offer

Whiplash Compensation Settlement Offer

When individuals attempt to act for themselves in personal injury claims, such as car accidents, it is often the case that they simply do not know all the losses that can be claimed in compensation. I would imagine that you have many other losses you are entitled to claim, which will increase your overall whiplash compensation settlement quite substantially.

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3. Ongoing nature of your whiplash symptoms can have far reaching effects

Whiplash can be quite a serious injury and when symptoms last for over two years, it is quite likely that some serious damage has been caused to your neck. You must have a medical report from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon prepared to consider what the implications of your injury will be into the future.

It is important that you have a specialist UK road accident solicitor help you with your claim. Even if the guilty driver’s insurer has obtained a report from your GP or a consultant of their choosing – it is not good enough. You need a solicitor to make sure that a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who completes a report is not insurance company friendly – only in this way is it safe to base a compensation settlement upon a medical report.

4. Funding your legal costs in pursuing a much improved whiplash compensation settlement offer

Do not underestimate the amount of work still necessary in your claim: – your whiplash injury solicitor must prove your loss and this will entail expert reports and additional evidence. As your claim has already been shown to be worth over £1,000 – in the UK you are entitled to claim the majority of your legal costs as well as compensation for your injuries and financial loss.

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5. Acceptance of a whiplash compensation settlement will end your right to claim any further sums of money

Should you decide to accept the £1,500 whiplash compensation settlement offered – that is the end of your claim. Even if you later contacted a solicitor or your injuries proved to be much worse than you thought – you do not have the right to claim any more compensation.

Please think carefully before you make this decision.

6. Choosing a UK specialist road accident solicitor to help you with your compensation claim

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7. Let me contact you to assess your RTA compensation claim free of charge

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