Whiplash Injury Solicitor: Can I accept compensation on my child’s behalf or do I need the assistance of a UK lawyer?

Whiplash injury solicitor: I was involved in a car accident with my son as a passenger. The accident was not my fault, the guilty driver accepted responsibility and his insurers have offered a sum of compensation for my son’s whiplash injury – he is a child aged 7 years of age.

Whiplash injury solicitor response

The law does not require you to use a whiplash injury solicitor to accept compensation on a behalf of your child, but I recommend that you do.

In the United Kingdom the court must authorise a child compensation settlement and the court will also retain and invest this money until your child reaches the age of 18 years. Before authorising acceptance of compensation the court will take into account the following considerations:

whiplash injury solicitor

Whiplash Injury Solicitor

1. Has medical evidence been properly prepared describing your child’s injury both now and into the future?

The court will consider whether a medical report has been properly prepared describing all of the injuries your child suffered in his car accident. The court will want to know for certain how long your son’s symptoms will last.

A UK specialist whiplash injury solicitor is necessary to ensure the correct medical expert is instructed and the medical report is sufficiently complete to allow the court’s authorisation.

2. Sufficient compensation is offered for the injuries your child has suffered

When the court looks at the medical evidence it must be satisfied that your child has been offered the correct amount of compensation.

If the amount offered for your son’s whiplash is insufficient – the court will require further negotiation to increase this sum. The court must also be satisfied that all appropriate losses that can be claimed on behalf of your child have in actual fact been claimed.

Once again – if  you involve a UK whiplash injury solicitor in your child’s compensation claim you will know that all of the losses that can be claimed have been considered and the offer of compensation is regarded by your solicitor as being sufficient for the injuries your child and as suffered.

3. The court would prefer a United Kingdom injury solicitor is involved in preparing evidence for a child compensation claim

The court will prefer that a UK whiplash injury solicitor is involved in your son’s claim for compensation.

The court will nonetheless ensure your solicitor has done his job correctly and has all the evidence necessary to show that the compensation offered is the best amount that can be achieved.

The court will expect your child accident solicitor to obtain a written opinion from a barrister confirming that the compensation sum offered is sufficient.

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4. Online assistance to select a specialist UK whiplash injury solicitor who will act in the interests of your child?

Using the link below you can complete and send short confidential online form, which will provide me with the information necessary to have a specialist UK whiplash injury lawyer contact you free of charge to discuss your child’s claim for compensation.

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