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Improve your legal fee earning and practice efficiency by using my unique consultant services

Involved in the practice of law? Wish to greatly enhance fee earning ability and practising efficiency? Wish to eliminate stress in the workplace? Have a problem legal case which can’t be solved?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then read on!!!

The path of a lawyer

All those involved in the practice of law will be familiar with the varying routes to qualification. Take, for example, the solicitor who typically studies a law degree followed by some form of a professional course and thereafter an additional skills course whilst working as a trainee for two years.

On qualification it is generally accepted that a solicitor has the academic and professional knowledge necessary to be successful in practice, subject to ongoing training under the Law Society’s CPD requirements.

Fee earning – why haven’t I received training on that topic?

At no time – despite all of these courses – does a solicitor either as a student, trainee or post qualification embark upon a course or receive real training as to how to reach a large fees target on a regular basis whilst meeting the everyday high pressure performance demands of the legal working environment.

Most lawyers will observe that certain others command the ability to achieve large fees and make practising of law seem easy. These individuals progress faster along the career path and rightly receive higher remuneration than their counterparts.

Why? It is presumed that such individuals are simply more able and no literature or training facilities seem available to permit the derivation of a formula others can follow to improve.

Fee earning training

In my 20 years post qualification experience I have made it my mission to remedy this situation. I have developed techniques which I used to maintain my position as number one fee earner in various firms. Of my own volition and later at the behest of my employers I taught these techniques in house which met with great success.

I assisted individuals primarily on a one on one basis and typically after a few hours guidance I have provided weak fee earners with the skills to out perform their colleagues, able fee earners the formula to improve further and managers/partners the techniques to assist those in their team to perform better.

It should be stressed that improvements are never at the expense of legal and practising performance which in my submission go hand in hand with fee earning ability.

lawyers legal fee earning consultant training

Lawyers Receiving Training

“Fee Earning Technique” – the book

Realising the absence of any form of literature on this topic I set up my own business and wrote a book which I entitled “Fee Earning Technique”. This book is a complete text for a lawyer to build the foundations for success in practice and reach their fee earning ability.

The book is a very useful source of information, but the power
of one on one training with a tailored formula for each individual cannot be underestimated.

Fee Earning Consultancy – what’s that?

Every individual I have trained has shown a massive improvement in legal, practising and fee earning performance. I am the only author of literature on this topic and as far as I am aware the only lawyer with a proven track record of successful training.

My experiences have shown that there is nowhere in the country a lawyer can go to receive adequate training as to these essential skills I have developed. That is until now.

I am offering a fee earning consultancy – which is aimed primarily at the individual lawyer. This is a one on one day course at my consulting rooms in Manchester city centre and will lead to a radical transformation in fee earning ability. At the end of the course the individual is provided with a copy of my book which will act as a reminder and a pocket sized reference source.

Fee Earning Consultancy – I want to know more!!

Click the fee earning consultancy link to find out more..

Can the Fee Earning Consultancy be done on line?

I prefer to meet in person, but the fee earning consultancy can be slightly modified and taken online too.

Online Fee Earning Consultancy – I want to know more!!

Full details are available on this website using the online fee earning consultancy link.

The details should be read in conjunction with those contained in fee earning consultancy.

Can I just buy the book without the consultancy?

Of course – but I would recommend that it is used in conjunction with the consultancy.

“Fee Earning Consultancy” the book – I want to know more!!

Full details are available using the legal fee earning book link.

Problem Case Consultancy – what’s that?

My consultancy provides this further unique service aimed at personal injury claimant solicitor firms.

A problem case may be classed as one which has not been run correctly by previous lawyers over long periods or has suffered from extended inactivity. As a result the case is at risk of being lost or there is even a possibility of being sued.

Such cases invariably have strict time constraints, irate clients, a frustrated opposition and a large amount of procedural complexity.

Expert and swift steps can often resolve the problem and the nature of the expert knowledge typically falls outside the ambit of counsel’s experience.

How can I claim to be an expert to solve such matters?

Initially by chance, and later of my own volition, a large part of my career has revolved around the resolution of such cases. At my last place of work I was assigned virtually the whole of the firm’s problem cases which extended historically many years for 40+ fee earners. Despite a real risk of the cases being lost prior to my involvement – each case was successfully resolved in a matter of months.

I have developed the skill necessary to resolve such cases and one of the chapters of my book deals with the general principles. I feel I am therefore able to claim myself as an expert.

Who can benefit from a Problem Case Consultancy?

This is designed exclusively for Claimant Personal Injury Solicitor firms as partnership authorisation will be necessary.

Problem Case Consultancy – I want to know more!!

Full details are available using the problem claim consultancy link.

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