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Compensation Claim Scotland: How to make a claim for compensation from anywhere in the UK for personal injury following an accident in Scotland

Compensation claim Scotland: discover why you must use the Scottish courts to claim personal injury compensation for an accident suffered in Scotland, some exceptions to this rule, which Scottish solicitor to contact to make your claim, how to have a specialist accident lawyer in Scotland contact you free of charge and how best to fund your lawyers fees.

Does the process of making a compensation claim Scotland differ from the rest of the UK?

compensation claim Scotland

Compensation Claim Scotland

“Yes,” the Scottish legal system is somewhat different from the rest of the UK and if you have an accident in Scotland generally speaking you should make a claim in the Scottish courts as a personal injury claim is subject to the law of the land where the accident occurred.

Consequently, you have to make a compensation claim in Scotland even if you are resident elsewhere in the United Kingdom, such as England. This is for all manner of accident claim, including: workplace accident claims, slips / trips, industrial disease, criminal injuries, medical negligence, etc.

There are some exceptions to this rule – such as road traffic accidents (you can claim from the country of residence so long as it is within the EU), workplace accidents where you employer has offices throughout the UK (in this instance you could choose which country in the UK to start your claim) and package holidays booked using an agent in England.

What type of lawyer should make your compensation claim Scotland?

To be able to practice law a lawyer must be qualified in the appropriate legal jurisdiction. Scottish lawyers have their own training with the law in Scotland and the court process there so you should use a Scottish lawyer to make your accident claim.

You can of course provide your instructions to the Scottish lawyer from elsewhere in the UK – it is unlikely you will have to meet your legal adviser in person or have to travel back to Scotland save in the rare case that your claim goes to trial.

How do you decide who is the best Scottish lawyer to make your compensation claim in Scotland?

I recommend that you use a Scottish lawyer who is a specialist personal injury lawyer in a reputable firm.

To check a lawyer’s expertise and areas of specialism a Scottish Law Society search would assist.

Click compensation claim Scotland to view the Scottish Law Society website.

Click UK personal injury solicitor to view the page I have written explaining how to use the Scottish Law Society website to make your checks.

Can you instruct a Scottish Lawyer using a no win no fee agreement?

In Scotland no win no fee agreements are not available as they are in England. Scotland has a form of contingency fee agreement.

Click fee no no to learn what a no win no fee agreement means in England.

In Scotland an agreement can be set up which will result in you not having to pay a fee if you lose your claim, but if you win your lawyer will be entitled to deduct a percentage of your compensation payment to pay his legal fees.

Are there any other ways to fund your lawyers fees to make a compensation claim Scotland?

“Yes,” you might have the benefit of legal protection cover on your household insurance policy.

Click no win no fee to see the article I have written explaining all the inexpensive ways that might be available to fund your compensation claim Scotland including legal protection cover.

Free online legal assistance in finding a specialist Scottish lawyer to claim personal injury compensation

I am not a Scottish solicitor, but I am in contact with many specialist personal injury lawyers throughout Scotland who I will gladly put you in touch with or alternatively ensure you are contacted free of charge to discuss your potential compensation claim Scotland.

Click Scottish compensation lawyer for free legal assistance in making a compensation claim Scotland.