Law Books: Learn from a top UK solicitor proven efficiency, practising and fee earning techniques for personal injury lawyers

Law books – fee earning technique was written and published by Kevin Bolton, the accident claim expert, to train solicitors in practising, efficiency and fee earning techniques. Kevin Bolton has over 12 years experience of helping personal injury lawyers like you reach your full potential.

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Solicitor Law Book

My Legal/Law Book’s Key Benefits

1. Proven techniques for compensation lawyers

2. Helps maximise your legal fee earning potential

3. Increase your practising efficiency

4. Enhance your career prospects

5. Eliminate stress in the workplace

What is the legal book about?

The skill required for practitising solicitors, especially in the area of accident claims and personal injury law, to reach a large fees target on a regular basis whilst meeting the everyday high pressure performance demands of the legal working environment should not be underestimated.

Amazingly, little or no literature is available to assist in the development of such an essential skill.

Fee Earning Technique is a book uniquely designed to redress this gap by describing simple powerful proven techniques as a foundation for lawyers to quickly achieve their fee earning potential.

How much does my legal training book for personal injury solicitors cost?

The book was formerly available in all good bookstores, but now can only be ordered exclusively from myself. The price is £250 inclusive of postage and packing and is payable a minimum of 10 days in advance of delivery.

Interested in buying the book – what now?

Please click law book for personal injury solicitors and complete the form with your personal details. I am registered under the Data Protection Act and will treat any information provided with the strictest confidence.

Please be advised that my law books are deliberately designed to be concise so as to have the maximum impact as quickly as possible.

On this page you have seen what my personal injury law books can help practising solicitors achieve.

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