Manchester Accident Solicitors: How do I look for online Manchester personal injury lawyers to help make a compensation claim?

Manchester accident solicitors: I suffered an accident in Manchester that was not my fault and I wish to check the expertise of North West accident solicitors online and make a claim for compensation.

A: There are a number of ways of finding Manchester accident solicitors online, checking their expertise and making a claim, including:

Manchester accident solicitors

Manchester Accident Solicitors

1. Use the Law Society website to find Manchester accident solicitors

The Law Society keeps a register of all solicitors practising in England and Wales – you can find any kind of solicitor by geographical location in the country or by the area of legal specialisation.

Using the link below your will be taken to the Law Society “find a solicitor facility”.  Simply complete the second box, asking for location, as Manchester and the fourth box, asking for area of law, using the pull down menu to select personal injury. You will given a list of all the firms and all the solicitors practising in Manchester as personal injury solicitors

Click Manchester accident solicitors to search with the Law Society for Manchester personal injury lawyers.

2. Using the Law Society website to check the expertise of Manchester accident solicitors

You have seen above how to find solicitors who registered with the Law Society as specialising in personal injury or accident claims, but how do you know which Manchester accident solicitor is a proven specialist?

The Law Society website provides a separate search facility which allows you to check which solicitor is a member of the Law Society Accredited Scheme.

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3. Checking the website of the Manchester accident solicitors firm

The law Society will provide you full details of the firm including their website address I recommend you log onto the website to read about the solicitor firm and areas of expertise. A good website should be user friendly, easily understandable and should tell you online a little about each solicitor.

If the site is not easy to use – often this can be a reflection on the fact that the firm has not invested in keeping its client’s informed and updated. The website should give you a good feel for the firm.

4. Using Manchester solicitors online to claim compensation

Many online claims companies are not qualified solicitors, but what is known as claim handlers. Such companies are not able to assess your claim properly or give you any legal advice.

Some of these companies try to tie you in to making a claim once you have filled in an online form so be very careful.

My website is very different. I not only freely give information about all manner of personal injury and answer web users questions, but I am also a qualified specialist personal injury and accident claim specialist with over 13 years experience.

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