Letterbox Hand Injury Compensation Claim

Injured Hand Letterbox Claim: Can I claim compensation for injuring my hand in a letterbox?

Injured hand letterbox claim: I work for a newspaper group delivering magazines – a few weeks ago I was attempting to deliver some magazines at a private premises when my hand became entrapped in the letterbox. As I pulled it free I ripped the top of my middle finger off.

Occupiers’ Liability Solicitor Response

To decide if you can claim compensation for your injured hand due to a defective letterbox you must consider the following

Injured Hand Letterbox Claim

Injured Hand Letterbox Claim

1. Was the letterbox that injured your hand dangerous?

To prove that the household owner or occupier was responsible for accident you must show that the letterbox that caused your hand injury was obviously dangerous.

The fact that it caused such a serious injury to your hand suggests that it was.

2. Does the household owner have insurance which will pay your hand injury compensation claim?

Most household owners will have at the very least buildings insurance, which as standard will include insurance to pay for accidental injury to lawful visitors on the householder’s premises.

This will of course include the accident to your hand..

3. Does your employer have a responsibility to pay your compensation claim?

An employer owes a duty to all employees to keep them safe and to provide adequate training for the risks of any job an employee is required to undertake.

It is unlikely in your case that your employer would have to pay your compensation, as there is very little training that could be given to protect you from a dangerous letterbox unless your employer had knowledge of the problem in advance – perhaps if another delivery man was injured in the past this might indicate your employer had some knowledge.

4. Consider the severity of your hand injury before making your compensation claim

You may have the benefit of Legal Protection Cover – if so you would need to check the wording of your policy, but it is quite likely your legal costs will be paid no matter how bad your injury is.

If you do not have this cover the law in England requires a personal injury, here your injured finger, to be worth over £1,000 to allow you to claim your legal costs in addition to your compensation from the householder responsible for your injury claim.

A severed finger causing permanent disfigurement is worth well over £1000.

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