Occupiers Liability Compensation Claims Solicitor Online Questions And Answers / FAQ & Blog: Claim For Injury Whilst On The Land Or Property Of Another

Occupiers liability compensation claims are claims for injury in an accident whilst you are on a property, premises or land owned by another person, business or public authority. Whether that be a council property, supermarket, swimming pool, school, private property or even in limited occasions if you technically considered a trespasser.

You might be surprised to learn that you are entitled to claim compensation for injury and how much you can receive.

Here you will find our articles answering online questions from the public injured on someone else’s property with helpful legal tips and guidance if you are thinking about a potential compensation claim.

Click an image or article below to see our detailed answer or look at our occupiers liability injury claims index of questions and answers.

Our compensation claims guide – describes how to claim for each accident types.

Remember – you can ask your own online question or arrange a free call back from a specialist occupier’s liability solicitor.

See the related topic of public liability claims for accidents on specific types of premises.

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