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Miners VWF: How to claim vibration white finger compensation for exposure to vibrating tools in the UK workplace

Miners VWF Compensation Claims: Find out what miners VWF is caused, what the symptoms you are likely to experience if you are suffering from vibration white finger, how long the law allows for you to start a claim for compensation against a former employer and how to calculate the amounts of compensation you are likely to recover for industrial VWF.

What is miners VWF?

VWF is short for “vibration white finger” and is also known as “dead finger”. It is a condition of the hand brought on from continuous excessive exposure to vibrating hand held power tools and machines in the workplace.

It is caused by damage to nerves, joints and blood vessels in the hand.

“Miners VWF” is very common. Work in the mines, whether underground or on the surface, will often involve the use of hand held vibrating tools. The operation of such tools is typically continuous throughout the working shift and vibration white finger is a condition commonly suffered.

What are the symptoms of Vibration White Finger?

VWF causes the following symptoms:

1. The tips of your fingers turn white

The name of vibration white finger is derived from the fact that the tips of your fingers can turn white. This will often be more apparent in the cold.

In more extreme cases of miners VWF – your fingers from the tip to the knuckle can turn white.

2. Tingling and numbness in your fingers

VWF can cause a tingling sensation, throbbing, loss of sensation and numbness in the hands and fingers. These symptoms are often associated with a colour change as the blood circulation struggles to flow into your finger tips.

3. Reduction in the ability to use your hands

The grip and ability to use your hands can become reduced – especially with manipulation of small objects.

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Coal Miners VWF

How long do you have to make a miners VWF claim?

You have three years to start a claim for compensation in the UK courts from the date of injury or “date of knowledge” of a “significant injury” and knowledge that the injury caused could have been caused from vibrating machinery.

If you suspect you have miners VWF – It is very important that you contact a specialist industrial injury solicitor immediately.

The determination of date of knowledge is quite a complicated process and a specialist lawyer will need to discuss in detail the first onset of your symptoms, the medical treatment you have received and the information provided by former employers about the risks of vibrating power tools and machinery.

You could well find it is not too late to claim – even decades after you finished working with vibrating machinery.

How much compensation is a miners VWF claim worth?

Vibration white finger syndrome – is one type of condition which falls within hand arm vibration conditions and Reynaud’s syndrome.

See our hand arm vibration claim article explaining how to calculate the amounts of compensation you can claim for miners VWF and various different other vibration conditions – caused from exposure to vibrating tools in the workplace.

Summary of miners VWF claims & specialist solicitor free online help

In this article you have discovered how to know when you are suffering from miners VWF, why it might not be too late to make a claim even after leaving a workplace many years ago and how much you can claim in compensation for vibration white finger / hand arm vibration claims.

Remember – you can select from our specialist solicitor fee online / telephone help options, asking an online question, having your claim assessed and speaking direct to a miners injury solicitor about your miners VWF compensation claim.