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In answering an online question – we explain how to find VWF solicitors to help you claim compensation for a vibration white finger injury caused by vibrating tools at work and how to use our specialist solicitor free online and telephone help.

VWF injury victim question

I live in Preston and work in Manchester. I have worked with vibrating tools for many years and I think I may have a VWF injury. Could you tell me how I can find a vibration white finger claim solicitor to contact to discuss making a claim and if there is anyway to speak to a specialist lawyer free of charge or online before deciding whether to pursue a claim against my employer or not.

VWF solicitors response

Finding and choosing a specialist vibration white finger claim solicitor to help you with your claim need not be a daunting process. We recommend you take the following steps:

Appreciate how vibration white finger injuries come about

Vibration white finger or VWF is a condition caused by excessive exposure to vibration.

In the workplace exposure can be from various different types of vibrating tools, such as pneumatic drills.

Over time the condition gradually becomes worse.

The severity of the symptoms is largely dependent on the extent of vibration you experiences (the larger the vibration experienced the worse the condition) and the duration of the exposure (the longer you are exposed to vibration and the more times in your working week you are exposed – the worse the condition).

Prove your employer’s responsibility for your VWF condition

Proving your employer’s responsibility for your vibration white finger should be left down to your employer.

We have however written an article explaining the considerations your VWF solicitor will need ti take into account to show liability.

Remember – as well as showing fault of your employer, your solicitor will need to consider the limitation period to make your claim and medical causation (whether it can be proven your VWF was as a result of the vibration at work).

Get an idea of how much compensation you can claim

We have written a detailed article explaining the amount of compensation you can claim for vibration white finger.

vibration white finger solicitors
Vibration White Finger Solicitors

Find specialist VWF solicitors to contact

The Law Society provides useful assistance as to who is a specialist solicitor and who is not. You can check for a Law Society accredited solicitor by name or by geographical area in the country – such as in Preston or Manchester (the cities you mentioned in your original question).

The Law Society also provides a find a solicitor search.

Specialist solicitors who will discuss your VWF claim free of charge

Unfortunately, the Law Society search facility does not allow you to check which VWF solicitors will provide a free initial consultation.

You could check the websites of different solicitor firms online to see if such free assistance exists. As you can imagine this can be a time consuming and frustrating process.

We however offer free online and telephone help.  You can us direct to discuss your potential claim or arrange a solicitor call-back at a time convenient for you. We can also assess your claim online and answer your further questions.

Watch out – vibration white finger claims are quite involved, so usually a conversation is necessary to better assess your claim and answer your questions.

Summary of vibration white finger claim solicitors

In this article you have seen how VWF can be caused in the workplace, how to prove employer liability, how much you can typically claim for white finger and how to contact VWF solicitors with free initial help and assistance.