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Pipe Cutting Machine Accident: Discover how you can claim for a hand injury from dangerous machinery at work

Using an online pipe cutting machine work accident Q&A – find out how you can still claim compensation from your employer for a hand injury from use of a dangerous machine at work; why a warning of danger is insufficient; how to overcome an argument of your own carelessness; why hand injuries are common when using machinery with compensation payout amounts for hand and finger injuries; how to access our specialist solicitor free help service.

Plastic Pipe Cutting Machine Accident Question

I work with a plastic pipe cutting machine. When I first started using the machine my employer warned me that if I put my hand into the machine I could receive an injury. There was no safety guard and after working on the plastic pipe cutting machine for several months – I was distracted by another worker passing by and my hand slipped into the machine causing a finger to be severed and my hand to be injured.

Can I make a claim against my employer despite having been warned about the danger in advance and if so how much is my claim likely to be worth?

Work Injury Solicitor Response

It seems very likely that you would be able to make a claim against your employer for your hand injury.

In deciding whether you have a claim for your hand injury from the pipe cutting machine we need to consider the following:

1. Is a pipe cutting machine dangerous and how should your employer have ensured your safety when using it?

Work machines, such as the plastic pipe cutting machine, by their very nature are dangerous. They will often have many moving parts, which can cause injury if a part of your body becomes caught, trapped or severed.

Your employer is required by UK law to take measures that ensure that any part of your body is kept away from the dangerous part of a machine.

If the machine is a large one then your safety can be ensured by erecting a barrier around it or, for smaller machines, a guard can be fixed over the dangerous part. The cutting blade of the pipe cutting machine is clearly dangerous part of the machine that can cause injury.

We have written a detailed dangerous machine injury article explaining the duties your employer must comply with and the safety measures that should be in place to keep you safe.

pipe cutting machine accident

Pipe Cutting Machine Accident

2. Is the fact that you were given a warning about putting your hand into the pipe cutting machine?

You were using clearly dangerous machinery and a warning was not sufficient to prevent injury to your hands as human error can easily occur.

Employees can be careless, or be distracted as you were by a colleague, and as such your employer must ensure your hand could not enter the machine at all.

Had your employer fitted an inexpensive guard to the machine your hand injury could have been prevented.

3. Are hand injuries common when working with machinery?

When you use a machine at work your hands are the part of your body that are most at risk – often your job will involve feeding some object into a moving part of a machine.

The injury to your hand will depend on the machine, but is most likely to involve a crushing injury or part of your hand being severed – as was the case with the pipe cutting machine injury.

Compensation payout amounts for hand and finger injuries

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