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Hand Injury Claims Payouts Calculator: Compensation For Pain, Suffering, Financial Loss

Discover why hand injury claims generally attract large compensation payouts – with detailed examples of how much compensation you can claim for all manner of hand injury, including amputations.

We start our article with a brief table of how much you can claim for pain and suffering; describe the different types of compensation you can claim; detail the different parts of your hand that can be injured and set out common accidents that cause hand injuries.

Table Of Hand Injury Claim Amounts In 2023

This table is a brief summary of likely payout amounts you can expect to recover for various different types of hand injury.

Read on – for an explanation as to how each claim settlement is calculated, together with a detailed description of the types of hand injury that are classed as minor, moderate and severe.

Hand InjuryClaim Payout
MinorUp to £4,750
Moderate – one hand£5,700 – £13,300
Severe – one hand£29,000 – £62,000
Severe – both hands£56,000 – £85,000
Amputation£96,000 – £201,500

Are the amounts of compensation for hand injury claims likely to be large?

“Yes” – the hand is considered to be not only of cosmetic importance (affecting the way you look and your confidence), but also of extreme functional importance.

Your hands allow you to use tools, have your prime sense of touch and manipulate the environment your live in.

What types of compensation can you claim for a hand injury?

Pain, suffering and loss of amenity

You are entitled to claim compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity for your hand injury itself.

Loss of amenity relates to the reduction in the enjoyment of your life – such as no longer being able to do hobbies.

Financial loss and expense

In addition you can claim the financial losses and expenses that flow from your hand injury, which include lost income and care and assistance in the home.

For example – imagine you are a skilled craftsman using your hands and following a crush fracture at work you are unable to use your hands properly. Consequently, your ability to work and find alternative jobs is severely limited.

Your claim will include not only the pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment in life you experience from the hand injury itself, but also lost income for the rest of your potential working career, which could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

What parts of your hand can be injured in an accident?

Your hand is made up of the wrist, palm, fingers and thumbs – which in turn are made up of:

Bones of your hand

The hand is made up of many different bones.

Your wrist is made up of carpal bones, which connects to metacarpal bone extending from your wrist to your knuckle for each finger and thumb.

The knuckles (medically known as the sesamoid bones) connect to your fingers and thumb. Each finger is made up of three bones known as phalanges (working along your finger from the knuckle these are – the proximal, intermediate and distal phalanges – the thumb has two phalanges (the proximal and distal)).

Muscles, ligaments and tendons

The muscles, ligaments and tendons allow your hand to grasp and release – the tendons join the muscles to the bones.

Injury to these soft tissues can greatly hamper the functioning of your hand.

Nerves of your hand

Your finger tips have many nerve endings, which allow you to have your sense of touch. If these nerves are damaged – your sense of touch can also be adversely affected.

hand injury compensation payouts
Hand Injury Compensation Payouts

What are the common types of accident that can give rise to hand injuries?

Many types of accident can give rise to hand injuries .

Watch out – to have a hand injury claim you must show that someone (or some business or other organisation) was “legally at fault” for your injury.

Some common types of accident for which can give rise to hand injuries, include:

Motorbike and pedal cycle road traffic accidents

Pedal cycle accidents and motor bike RTA’s can cause multiple injuries – a common one being hand injuries.

It is a natural instinct for you to put your hand out as you fall of your bike resulting in hand injury claims.

Pavement and shop slips and trips

If you trip on a raised flagstone or fall on another defect with a pavement – the council or highways authority is likely to be considered “legally at fault” for your accident.

If you slip or trip in a shop – the owner of the shop or the premises you fall in owes a duty to keep you safe as an “occupier of the premises” and as such can be considered “legally responsible” for hand injury claim.

As you fall – instinct tells you to put your hand out to break your fall – often resulting in a serious hand injury.

Work accident hand injury claims

An employer owes a duty to employees (and the self employed working on an employer’s site) to keep you safe – regretfully we have seen all too often injuries involving hands being trapped in work machinery typically due to insufficient or non-existent machine guards.

Accidents at work can cause very severe hand injuries – including crush fractures and sometimes the loss of a hand.

Examples of compensation amounts for hand injury claims

The approximate amounts of compensation you could expect for pain and suffering for hand injury claims in 2023, include:

Minor hand injury average claim payouts

Hand injuries involving cuts and crushes with pain lasting no longer than a couple of months and complete recovery will lead to settlements calculated as up to £4,750

Hand injuries with ongoing symptoms and disability

For deep cuts to the hands and crush fractures, boxer fractures – with ongoing symptoms of pain. You may have some disability in the function of your hand will and surgical attempts to remedy the issues may have failed. These types of  hand injury claims will lead to settlements likely to be worth between £5,700 – £13,300.

Hand injury with serious ongoing disability settlements

If your hand injury leads to significant permanent ongoing disability such that you can still use your hand, but with a significantly reduced ability to grip (some fingers may have been amputated). Your compensation is likely to be calculated between £29,000 – £62,000.

Injury to both hands with serious ongoing disability compensation payouts

If your claim relates to serious ongoing disability to both hands – your compensation settlement is likely to be worth between £56,000 – £85,000.

Amputation of one or both hands

In the worst types of hand injury claims – one or both of your hands might have to be amputated or might have been severed from your arm in an accident. The amount of compensation settlement you could expect for pain and suffering is between £96,000 – £201,500.

What about compensation payouts for finger, thumb and wrist injury?

We have divided hand injuries into four different articles.

In this article you will find compensation amounts for hand injuries. If several Digits (fingers and thumb) are affected as well as well as the wrist then your claim is likely to be a hand injury claim, but single finger or thumb injury is a less significant injury not covered in this article.

We have written separate articles concerning wrist injury compensation payouts, finger injury claim settlements (fractured fingers and single finger amputation), thumb injury compensation amounts (including fracture, dislocation and amputation).

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