Thumb Compensation Claim

Thumb Compensation Claim Payout Calculator

Discover what accidents cause thumb injuries; the steps your solicitor will take to calculate the average payout for your thumb compensation claim with examples of amounts of compensation you can claim for fractures, ligament damage, dislocations, loss of grip, operations, thumb grafts and thumb amputations.

Payouts Table Of Thumb Injury Claims In 2023

Our thumb injury claim payouts table – gives details of the amounts of compensation you can claim for the pain and suffering caused by all manner of thumb injuries. You will in addition to these sums be entitled to claim compensation for your financial loss and expense.

Thumb InjuryClaim Payouts
MinorUp to £1,900
Simple fractureUp to £4,800
Dislocation£6,400 – £7,800
Tendon / Nerve damage£9,700 – £12,600
Amputation of thumb tip£12,600 – £16,800
Serious thumb injury£19,600 – £35,000
Loss of whole thumb£35,600 – £55,000

What is a thumb compensation claim?

If your thumb is fractured or a tendon or ligament is damaged which controls the operation of your thumb and this injury was caused due to the fault of another – you might be entitled to make a thumb compensation claim from the person at fault.

Thumb compensation claims can arise from many types of accident, such as car accidents ( the crash impact can cause your hand to be impacted with great force against the steering wheel, dash board, car doors, etc.), motorcycle RTA’s (when a rider is thrown of a bike often hands are used to break the fall resulting in hand, thumb and finger injuries such as fractures) or work accidents (crush injuries from the use of machinery or from heavy loads falling on hands and other body parts).

Does a thumb injury attract the same amount of compensation as a finger injury?

The thumb is an extremely important digit for the correct functioning of your hand. It works to oppose the fingers and gives the hand the ability to group and so to manipulate tools and objects.

An injury to your thumb will often attract more compensation than a similar injury to a finger on the hand so, depending on the nature of the injury, a thumb compensation claim can often be worth a significant amount of money.

What are typical types of thumb injury?

Fractures to the thumb

There are two bones in the thumb. The distal phalange runs from your knuckle to the end of your thumb and the proximal phalange runs from the base of your thumb to your knuckle.

These bones can be fractured in many different ways – some fracture names include: a comminuted fracture, a transverse fracture, an oblique fracture, a Bennet fracture and a Rolando fracture.

Each fracture can have different symptoms, such as: swelling, extreme pain, tenderness, inability to move your thumb. you may also find a deformed appearance to your thumb and numbness in your thumb.

Ligament damage

You might suffer a tear to the primary ligament in your thumb – the ulnar collateral ligament. A tear of this ligament is known as “gamekeepers thumb” or “skiers thumb”.

The ulnar collateral ligament joins two bones – the metacarpal bone in your hand with the proximal phalanx bone at a joint known as the MCP joint.

The collateral ligament is extremely important for the function of your thumb – it is used to allow you to stabilize the thumb and to pinch and grasp. Injury can affect the whole function of your hand.

thumb injury compensation claim
Thumb injury Compensation Claim

How does your solicitor calculate average payouts for a thumb injury claim?

Your solicitor will instruct a medical expert to complete a report. The expert will describe the exact nature of your injury – whether it be a fracture, ligament damage, tendon injury, nerve damage or soft tissue injury.

The medical expert will also describe the likelihood of any ongoing symptoms, loss of function of your hand and any disabilities.

Based upon this report you solicitor will be able to compare your injury to compensation amounts made by the courts for similar thumb compensation claims decided in the past. A calculation can then be made as to the range of payout amounts your claim is likely to be worth.

Examples of average compensation payouts for thumb injuries

Some examples of compensation payouts for pain and suffering for thumb injury claims in 2023, include:

Minor thumb injuries compensation claims

If you have suffered a thumb injury with intense pain which last only a few months – the amount of average payouts for thumb compensation claims is up to £1,900

Thumb fractures resolving within 6 months

If you have a simple or hairline fracture of your thumb, which has healed within 6 months save for some stiffness – it is likely the amount of compensation you can recover is up to £4,800.

Dislocation of the thumb

If you suffer a dislocation of your thumb – with a large degree of pain and ligament weakness it is likely your thumb compensation claim settlement will be worth between: £6,400 – £7,800.

Damage to tendons or nerves

If an operation is necessary, such as an arthrodesis (artificial fusing of bones at a joint), or you suffer damage to nerves of the tendons in the thumb causing limitation in function of the thumb or deformity – your thumb compensation claim average payout is likely to be worth between £9,700 – £12,600.

Amputation of the tip of your thumb or the insertion of wires

If the tip of your thumb has to be amputated or you suffer nerve damage with loss of dexterity in the hand or you have a fracture which requires the insertion of wires in an operation – you are likely to recover a compensation settlement between £12,600 – £16,800.

Very serious thumb injuries

If you have had your thumb severed off and grafted back leaving it useless or you have lost part of your thumb (amputation from the interphalangeal joint) – your thumb compensation claim payout is likely to be worth between: £19,600 – £35,000.

Total loss of thumb

Should you lose the whole of of your thumb as a result of amputation following injury your average payout would be calculated between: £35,600 – £55,000.

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