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Manchester Solicitors: Helping You Claim Personal Injury Compensation

How to choose the best Manchester solicitors to help you claim compensation for personal injury following an accident, how to check your solicitor’s expertise and access free online specialist solicitor help.

What type of Manchester solicitors should you contact to help with an accident claim?

If you have been involved in an accident in Manchester or your live in Manchester and have been injured elsewhere in the country or overseas – you will no doubt need the assistance of a solicitor based in Manchester.

However, you should not just contact any solicitor, instead choose a specialist personal injury solicitor with specific expertise in the particular type of accident you have experienced.

How can you check the expertise of the your solicitor?

There are three main ways of checking the expertise of a solicitor:

Check the website of the Manchester solicitor firm

If you have a web address for the personal injury solicitors firm – I recommend you go to the website ad see whether it is professionally compiled. If it looks good then locate the individual solicitor in the “our people” or “about us” section – here you should find a description of each solicitor’s experience in the law firm and their specialist expertise.

manchester personal injury solicitors
Manchester Personal Injury Solicitors

Check with the central Law Society

The UK is divided into three legal jurisdictions, each with its own central Law Society. As Manchester is base in England – you should use the central Law Society of England and Wales.

Watch out – England and Wales being one legal jurisdiction.

The central Law Society has a register of all solicitors practising in England and Wales and has a find a solicitor facility. The register will tell you the expertise of each lawyer and whether that lawyer is a member of a recognised accreditation scheme.

Check with the local Law Society

See the Manchester Law Society website, which offers information and assistance to the solicitors profession and a search facility to members of the public seeking a local Bury, Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stretford, Stockport, Swinton, Wigan legal professional.

Remember to check with the Law Society, which solicitors provide free initial help and assistance and check the law firm’s website to ensure they are specialist personal injury lawyers.

Our specialist Manchester personal injury solicitors free help

We know that finding the best personal injury solicitors in Manchester to help you make a claim can be difficult, so we offer free online and telephone help. You can ask a questions, speak to a solicitor direct or have your claim assessed.