Whiplash Compensation Guide: Do you have a compensation guide as to the amount of compensation I can claim for whiplash neck injury?

Whiplash compensation guide: I have suffered neck pain symptoms lasting a year and a half following a road traffic accident which was not my fault.

Whiplash Compensation Solicitor Response

There are two guides a road accident solicitor will use to provide a whiplash compensation guide for neck injury symptoms following a RTA, which include:

whiplash compensation guide

Whiplash Compensation Guide

1. The Judicial Guidelines provide a general UK whiplash compensation guide to the amount you can claim

The Judicial guidelines provide an estimate of a range of values awarded by the courts over the last year for pain and suffering in whiplash claims. For a 1 – 2 year whiplash with symptoms fully resolved, in 2017 you can expect to receive £3,600 – £6,600.

2. Whiplash claims previously decided in cases before the courts can provide an accurate UK whiplash compensation guide as to the amount you can claim

A road accident solicitor can use case law as a more accurate estimate to calculate how much you can receive for your individual whiplash claim in the UK.

Your RTA lawyer will make a note of all the symptoms of your whiplash injury you suffer and any other symptoms, such as psychological injury, and search for a similar claims decided by the courts in the past to act as a guide as to the amount of whiplash compensation you should receive.

Click symptoms of a whiplash injury on this link to learn the different symptoms you can expect to experience from a whiplash injury

Exactly how long have your whiplash injury symptoms lasted?

You have said that your symptoms lasted a year and a half – but is this correct and can it proved?

Remember any ongoing intermittent symptoms can still be considered part of your whiplash injury and you must report these symptoms to your GP to ensure that they are correctly documented.

The amount of compensation for a year and a half whiplash injury with no ongoing symptoms

If you can prove that your whiplash symptoms lasted a year and a half with a complete recovery –  your compensation claim for whiplash is worth approximately £4,000 in 2010.

My website’s guide as to the amount of whiplash compensation you can claim

Click car accident whiplash compensation guide to see a page I have written setting out all the losses you can claim following a RTA and giving examples of the amounts of compensation you can expect for different whiplash injuries – varying in length and severity of symptoms.

Free online whiplash compensation guide and legal assistance with your road accident claim

If you have any further questions or would like to speak to the accident claim expert direct – please click whiplash compensation guide to select from a choice of free online legal help options.