Whiplash Compensation Solicitors: Is it possible to use a road traffic accident lawyer of my choosing using  my motor insurance legal expenses policy to meet the legal costs?

Whiplash compensation solicitors: I had a car accident that was not my fault and suffered a whiplash injury. I have a motor insurance policy which has the benefit of Legal Protection Cover. I understand that this will pay my legal costs in making a compensation claim, but does this mean I must use a lawyer chosen by the insurer or can I choose my own whiplash compensation solicitor and how would I go about making a claim?

whiplash compensation solicitors

Whiplash Compensation Solicitors

Whiplash compensation solicitor response

You should be able to choose your own RTA solicitor using your legal protection cover – it will often depend on the wording of the insurance policy.

The process you should follow to make a claim using one of your vehicle insurer’s whiplash compensation solicitors is:

1. Appreciate the benefit of Legal Protection Cover on your UK motor vehicle insurance policy

As your car accident was not your fault Legal Protection Cover on your motor insurance policy will pay the legal costs of using a solicitor to make your claim for compensation. Your insurer’s chosen solicitor is known as an insurance panel solicitor, but you should be able to choose your won solicitor at the outset and still have the fees paid under the policy.

2. What you should do to make a compensation claim using your motor insurance legal protection policiy

The process yopu should follow to claim whiplash compensation using your motor vehicle insurance legal protection cover, is as follows:

a. Inform your motor insurer immediately following your car accident

Whether you have the benefit of Legal Protection Cover or not – it is very important to notify your vehicle insurer of any accident you were involved in. Failure to do so might risk your insurer alleging you are no longer covered by insurance.

b. Contact an independent RTA / whiplash lawyer to discuss your claim

This solicitor will be able to discuss your policy and establish whether you can use a solicitor of your choosing and if so provide you with all the necessary details to pass onto your insurer.

c. Explain to your UK motor insurer on the phone or by letter that you wish to make a claim on the Legal Protection Cover part of your insurance policy

Once notified of your claim your vehicle insurer will send out a claim form for you to complete. You should complete this form being careful to include details of all your personal injuries, financial losses and your chosen whiplash compensation solicitor’s details..

d. Your motor insurer will assign one of the UK whiplash compensation solicitors from their panel

If you have chosen your own solicitor your motor insurer will write to your chosen lawyer for a report on your claim and likely chances of success.

If you have not chosen a solicitor your motor insurer will have agreements with road accident solicitor firms and will automatically send your claim details to one of their panel whiplash compensation solicitors.

e. Your whiplash compensation lawyer will write to you to confirm the instructions

Your solicitor’s letter will confirm who they are, that they have been instructed through your motor insurer, explain how your claim will progress including: giving a time estimate for your claim, details of the solicitor firm’s complaint handling process and a cost estimate.  Do not be too concerned by the cost estimate – a solicitor must always give an estimate of their costs to a client, but the letter should also explain that your insurer will be responsible for these costs.

3. What if your legal protection cover will not pay for a solicitor of your choosing?

You can always choose your own whiplash compensation solicitor to make your claim for compensation, whether your insurer will pay the costs or not.

If legal funding is not available a RTA solicitor will most likely be more than happy to fund your claim using a “no win no fee” agreement, which will result in you not having to pay your legal costs in any event.

Click no win no fee to discover all about funding the legal costs of whiplash compensation solicitors including “no win no fee”

4. Can the I help you further?

I am only too glad to help you further – click whiplash compensation solicitors to select from a number of free online legal help options my site provides including requesting a call back from me in person or another specialist whiplash compensation solicitor.