Commercial Law: How to find specialist business contract lawyers and UK commercial solicitors

Commercial law: Discover how to search with official bodies in the UK for specialist comercial law firms.

What is a commercial law?

commercial law

Commercial Law

Commercial law – as the name suggests is concerned with businesses and contracts between businesses.

Law firms that tend to have a commercial law department tend to be quite large city based firms.

How do you find a commercial law firm that can help you?

To find a commercial law firm I recommend you search with the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Click UK National Law Societies to view a page I have written providing a link to the official websities of the Law Society and SRA.

The page will explaining how to search in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for a specialist commercial lawyer. The example I have given is for specialist accident lawyers, but to search for a commercial lawyer you need only change the search criteria to firms specialising in commercial Law.

As this is primarily an accident lawyer website – click uk personal injury solicitor for a description of the importance of finding a specialist solicitor. The same principles apply to finding a commercial lawyer.