Criminal Law: Help finding a local criminal lawyer to defend a criminal case against you

Criminal Law: You will need a criminal law firm if you are in a position where you need to defend a criminal claim against you.

Individuals who have suffered through crime do not take claims themselves – the crown prosecution service or CPS makes the claim on their behalf as it is considered in the public interest to do so.

criminal law

Criminal Law

What type of lawyer do you need if your are the victim of a crime of violence and wish to claim compensation?

If you have suffered an injury as result of a crime of violence and wish to claim compensation – you will need the help of a criminal injury solicitor not a criminal lawyer.

A criminal injury solicitor is in actual fact an accident claim lawyer or personal injury solicitor who deals with all manner of claims for compensation following injury in an accident or in a criminal event.

How do you claim criminal injury compensation?

If in fact you are seeking to claim for criminal injuries – click criminal injury to see the page I have written explaining all the steps to making a CICA claim.

How do you find a criminal law solicitor or a criminal injuries lawyer?

As I explained earlier – a criminal law solicitor and ac criminal injuries lawyer are very different types of solicitor. Despite this the general process for finding a specialist is the same.

Click National Law Societies to see a page I have written explaining how you can search for a solicitor of any area of speciality in the UK using the national Law Society or in England and Wales the Solicitor Regulation Authority.

Free online legal assistance if you wish to claim for criminal injuries

Click CICA claim to see the free online legal my website has to offer if you have been the victim of a crime of vilolence and wish to make a claim.

Summary of criminal law solicitor

On this page you have found the difference between a criminal law solicitor and a criminal injuries lawyer and how to find specialist in both areas of law.