UK Law Firms: Finding Lawyers Who Can Help With All Areas Of Law

We deal with claims for compensation when you have suffered an injury. You might however need the help of UK law firms that deal with other areas of law.

In this section we set out the different types of law, explaining what that area of law entails and describe how to find a specialist solicitor to help you with your enquiry.

Either select an article below or see our areas of law index setting out the different types of law in alphabetical order with a link to our full article.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law: How to find specialist business contract lawyers and UK commercial solicitors Commercial law: Discover how to search with official bodies in the UK for specialist comercial law firms. What is a commercial law? Commercial law – as the name suggests is concerned with businesses and contracts between businesses. Law firms that tend to […]

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Probate Law

Probate Law The law of probate concerns matters relating to estates following death. Probate solicitors draft wills, can assist executors in distributing the estate of the deceased and can themselves be appointed executors to directly control the distribution of an estate to beneficiaries. Law Society List Of Probate Firms In England and Wales On this […]

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