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If I make a claim for criminal injuries compensation will this have an effect on the prosecution against the offender who attacked me?

I was assaulted whilst trying to protect my car from vandals and a criminal prosecution is taking place against the offenders which is due to be heard later this year.  I am concerned that if I make a criminal injury compensation claim – the prosecution case in my criminal trial could be affected.

A: “No,” a criminal prosecution and a criminal injuries claim are two different matters so your CICA claim will not be affected for the following reasons:

1. In a criminal injuries claim the first step is to write to the police

One of the first steps the CICA will take when you submit an application for UK compensation is to write to the police using the crime reference number you provided.  The police will notify the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority if a prosecution is ongoing and the CICA will often wait until the outcome of the trial is known before proceeding with your application.

See our criminal compensation scheme article to see the steps the CICA will follow in processing your application for compensation.

2. Should you wait until the criminal prosecution is concluded before starting your criminal injuries claim?

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Criminal Injuries Lawyer

“No,” there is only a two year period from the date of your criminal incident to submit an application otherwise it is generally too late.  Prosecution hearings and trials can take some time and hearings delayed, so it is critical that you submit your criminal injuries application as soon as possible and you will no longer be subject to the two year time period.

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3. Who should you contact to make your criminal injury compensation UK claim?

Click Criminal Injury Compensation UK to contact the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority direct by using the link below.

4. Choosing a criminal injury compensation solicitor to contact

Using the link below you will find the article I have written explaining how best to choose a GB criminal injury compensation lawyer to help you with your claim.

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