Road Traffic Accident Claims Solicitor: Can I change my road traffic accident claims lawyer appointed by my motor insurance company?

Road traffic accident claims solicitor: I was involved in a hit and run accident in 2006. A lorry hit me from behind, but I managed to get his registration number. He was traced and his UK insurers have admitted liability for the accident.

I have legal protection cover and I am using the road traffic accident solicitor appointed by my auto insurance company.

The accident has caused me severe continuous back pain – prior to the accident I had never suffered from back problems. I had an MRI scan and am due to have an operation on my back soon. My appointed road traffic accident claims solicitor has sent me for two medicals; I have suffered financially and have had to take time off work.

I have been offered a few thousand pounds from the motor insurers of the driver at fault, which I think is far too low.

My road traffic accident claims solicitors don’t seem to want to fight my claim and I have been told to accept the offer.

I am often contacted by frustrated clients who are having problems with the road traffic accident claims solicitor appointed under their legal protection cover on their UK motor insurance policy.

road traffic accident claims solicitor

Road Traffic Accident Claims Solicitor

You should be aware that you always have the right to change your UK road traffic accident solicitor at any time, but some things you should know include:

1. Review my answer to a similar question concerning problems with a UK road traffic accident claims solicitor

I have answered a similar question from a previous client relating to problems with UK road traffic accident lawyers assigned under a motor legal protection insurance.

Click road traffic accident problems solicitor to see the answer to a previously asked question about what to do if you are having problems with your lawyer.

2. A road traffic accident claims solicitor should not require you to accept an offer of compensation

I am a little concerned that you are being told to by your traffic accident lawyer to accept an offer. A client should not be required to accept an offer made, but should be given a full explanation as to a range of compensation figures that could be recovered based upon your medical evidence and a recommendation made as to the suitability of an offer.

Your total compensation claim should be broken down into two main parts – the pain and suffering for your injuries and the financial expenses you have lost.

Click traffic accident compensation to see the different types of compensation you can claim.

3. Question why you road traffic accident claims solicitor is pressing for settlement of your claim before your imminent back operation has taken place

I would suggest that as your back operation is imminent a prudent UK road traffic accident lawyer would wait until this is complete to know better what your future holds for your recovery.

A follow up medical report after your operation would be sensible at which stage the amount of compensation you are entitled to could easily be calculated.

4. The amount of compensation you should receive for your road accident injuries

A traffic accident lawyer should be able to easily assess how much compensation you are entitled to claim based upon the medical evidence you have supplied.

By the sounds of your injuries they relate to the lower spine. For some examples of whiplash injury compensation (injuries to the upper spine which are worth less than injuries to the lower spine) click on the link below:

Click car accident compensation to see some examples of compensation amounts that your road traffic accident solicitor should be able to claim on your behalf

5. Your right to change your road traffic accident lawyer at any time

You can change you road traffic accident lawyer, but you may no longer have the benefit of your legal costs being funded by your insurer. You will need to check your policy’s wording.

However, once your claim is started in court you should have the right to choose your own traffic accident solicitor and have your insurer pay the legal costs – this is a requirement imposed under European Law.

In any event – even if you wish to use your own solicitor and your insurer is not prepared to fund the expense there are a number of ways your new solicitor can run your claim without you having to pay any legal costs.

Click no win no fee to see the ways of funding your legal costs of making a road accident claim including no win no fee

6. Choosing the best UK road traffic accident claims solicitor to make your compensation claim

Choosing the best UK road traffic solicitor can be quite a daunting process. I have written a page explaining what you should look out for.

Click personal injury lawyer to know how to choose the best UK road traffic accident lawyer to make your compensation claim.

7. Free assistance using my website

I provide free assistance in a number of ways – often what you need when you are having problems with a road traffic accident claims solicitor is a chat on the telephone with an independent solicitor to run through your options. Using the link below you can complete and send a confidential online form which will list the free assistance I can provide including a call back.

Click road traffic accident claims solicitor and I will telephone you free of charge to discuss the problems you are having with your lawyer.