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Industrial Injury Claim Process: Find out how to claim for occupational injury

Industrial injury claim process question

What process do I follow in the UK to claim industrial injury compensation from my employer?

Industrial Injury Claim Solicitor Response

To understand the industrial injury claim process in the United Kingdom you should consider:

1. What are the most common types of industrial illness you might develop at work?

Industrial injuries can be caused by industrial accidents or from industrial disease – all refer to a type of injury, condition or illness developed in the workplace.

See our work disease claim article to see a description of the most common types of industrial disease in the workplace

2. What is an industrial injury claim?

An industrial injury claim is a action for compensation from an employer or previous employer for your pain and suffering and financial losses caused by a condition or injury developed at work.

See our industrial accident index to see our articles setting out in plain English each step of the industrial injury claim process in the UK.

3. Is the UK industrial injury claim process different to a worker compensation claim?

The UK industrial injury claim process is very similar to the accident at work claims process.

There are, however, some significant differences, which include:

a. The time period to start the claim for workplace injuries is three years from the date of the accident event, whereas for industrial disease claims this period can be far longer as some conditions, such as mesothelioma, can take decades to develop.

In a UK industrial injury claim – the time to start often commences from the date of knowledge of your injury or disease.

b. Industrial disease claims can often be against a former employer of many years ago and that employer may no longer be in business. This results in the UK industrial injury claim process being much longer than a workplace accident claim – your industrial disease lawyer will have to find who is able to pay and find details of the worker compensation insurance in place at the time of your injury.

c. There are certain legal steps that are unique to industrial injury claims – so much so that the law sets out procedural steps that industrial disease claim solicitors should follow at the beginning of the UK compensation claims process.

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