Industrial Deafness Miner Compensation Claim: Can I claim for occupational deafness?

Industrial deafness miner compensation claim: I suffered occupational deafness from working as a miner and I wish to make a compensation claim – can you recommend a UK solicitor to represent me?

Industrial Deafness Solicitor Response

To choose a UK industrial injury solicitor to make your compensation claim for industrial deafness caused when you worked as a miner I recommend:

industrial deafness miner compensation claim

Industrial Deafness Miner Compensation Claim

1. Choose your industrial deafness solicitor from a small number of law firms who specialise in compensation claims for miners

There are a select number of specialist industrial disease firm’s in the United Kingdom dealing almost exclusively with compensation claims for miners and ex-miners. I would recommend using one of them to make your claim.

2. Search online with the Law Society to check the expertise of an industrial deafness solicitor

The Law Society provides a search facility which will allow you to check if a solicitor is a specialist industrial injury lawyer and is accredited by the Law Society.

Click personal injury lawyer to know how to choose a top UK industrial deafness solicitor including how to use the Law Society website to check your lawyer’s expertise

3. Free online assistance – have a UK specialist industrial deafness lawyer contact you to make your miner compensation claim

My website offers free online assitance in several different ways. Simply use the ink below to select the free assistance you require, complete and send a short confidential online form and I will have a specialist industrial deafness solicitor who specialises in miner claims contact you.

It is always necessary to speak with a specialist solicitor direct if you have suffered an industrial injury, as such claims can be complicated . Your injury will have likely been suffered many years ago with symptoms developing over a period of time.

Click industrial deafness miner compensation claim to have a UK specialist industrial deafness solicitor contact you free of charge to assess you miner compensation claim.