Industrial Injury Compensation Miners

Industrial Injury To Miners: How to claim compensation for occupational injuries and diseases suffered by miners at work

Miners Industrial Injury: Miners are at risk of suffering many different types of industrial injury during their working life – find out the most common type of occupational disease you may suffer as a miner, how long you have to start a claim, how to choose a specialist lawyer to help you claim compensation and how to obtain free online legal help with your claim.

What are the most common types of industrial injury a miner may suffer?

Industrial injury miners

Industrial Injury To Miners

Some of the most common types of industrial injury a minor may suffer include:

1. Silicosis

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals found on earth. Most form of mining will involve drilling through a layer of quartz. When quartz dust is inhaled it can cause an industrial disease to your lungs known as silicosis.

2. Industrial Deafness

Mining will often involve the use of noisy machinery and high explosives – both can cause permanent problems with your ears known as industrial deafness.

3. Repetitive Strain Injury

Miners frequently use vibrating machinery and finger operated hand tools such as drills, which can cause repetitive strain injuries, such as vibration white finger or trigger finger.

How long do miners have to start a compensation claim for industrial injury?

There are only three years from the date of your injury or the date you knew you had suffered a significant injury to commence your compensation claim.

Your date of knowledge of an industrial disease – especially a lung disease such as silicosis – is not straight forward to ascertain. You will need expert legal advice and this expert may need to look at your medical notes before he is able to decide.

For example, silicosis may be mistaken for a less serious illness such as flu and often a medical diagnosis is necessary to determine when you actually had knowledge.

If you believe you have suffered an industrial injury what should you do to make a compensation claim?

Miner industrial injury claims are often quite complicated. Some specialist lawyers deal almost exclusively with claims for miners or ex miners and are recognised Law Society specialists in making such claims.

It is very important you choose such a specialist lawyer to make your claim as you will benefit from:

1. An increased chance of success;

2. Higher awards of compensation;

3. Use of top industrial injury medical experts;

4. A smoother claims process.

How do you know who is the best specialist industrial injury lawyer to make your compensation claim?

It is very difficult for you to know who is the best personal injury lawyer to contact to make your claim. You can research on the Law Society and Solicitor Regulation Authority websites which will help, but even then it is very difficult to know who genuinely specialises in miner claims.

Click industrial accident compensation for an overview to the steps to making a claim for industrial injury including how to choose the best solicitor to contact to help you claim.

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