Wartenberg Syndrome Occupational RSI: Can I make a Wartenberg Syndrome repetitive strain injury claim for compensation?

Wartenberg syndrome occupational RSI: I have suffered an injury called Wartenberg Syndrome, which I am informed is a form of repetitive strain injury.

wartenberg syndrome occupational rsi

Wartenberg Syndrome Occupational RSI

In my workplace I had very repetitive job, with no rotation of jobs, no risk assessments and poor equipment. I first noticed symptoms two years ago, but did not appreciate what my injury was until recently. My employer did not enter my injury into the accident book, albeit I was off work initially, and I have now returned to light duties.

Work Injury Solicitor Response: Wartenberg Syndrome is a type of UK workplace repetitive strain injury for which compensation can be claimed

To decide if you have a claim you should consider the following:

1. The work practices that could have caused your Wartenberg Syndrome Occupational Repetitive Strain Injury

From the work practices you describe it would seem that your employer did not take proper precautions to protect you from a repetitive strain types of injury, such as Wartenberg Syndrome.

Click repetitive strain injury to see all the considerations your employer should take into account to ensure the safety of workers from developing occupational RSI such as Wartenberg Syndrome.

2. Does the fact that no record was made of your repetitive strain injury in the workplace accident book affect the likely chances of success of your occupational compensation claim?

Do not be too concerned that your RSI injury was not initially recorded in the work accident book.  It is quite common that industrial injuries, such as RSI, are not initially recorded for the very reason you have described – namely realisation that an injury has occurred often post dates the onset of symptoms.

Click industrial accident claim to see the page I have written describing why accident book entries often do not take place at the time of an RSI and the ways to show in the UK how your repetitive strain was caused.

3. The immediate steps you should take to make a Wartenberg Syndrome occupational repetitive strain injury claim

You have taken all proper steps so far, but you must act quickly so as to avoid any argument that more than 3 years has passed since the onset of symptoms.

My website offers free assistance in a number of ways – including having a UK specialist RSI solicitor contact you to discuss your claim. Using the link below you can complete and send a confidential online form selecting the free service you prefer.

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