RSI: How To Calculate The Amount Of Compensation You Can Claim From Your Employer For Workplace Repetitive Strain Injuries

RSI compensation claims against employers are becoming ever more common due to the repetitive nature of tasks in the modern working environment. This page explains how your industrial injury solicitor calculates how much compensation you can claim with 4 examples of the amounts awarded by UK courts for common repetitive strain injuries.

What is a RSI injury?

Click repetitive strain injury for a definition of RSI and a description of the three most common types of repetitive strain.

How does a personal injury solicitor know how much compensation to claim for pain and suffering for your RSI?

A specialist accident solicitor is able to value pain and suffering for your RSI by looking at the sums awarded for similar injuries in the UK courts in the past. If the awards were made some years ago your lawyer will increase the sum in line with inflation to ensure your claim is not under valued.

How much money can you claim in compensation for your UK repetitive strain injury?



Each of the repetitive strain injuries can have a similar effect on the sufferer. The amount you can claim in compensation is therefore not dependent on the type of repetitive strain , but on the effect on you such as: whether surgery was necessary to resolve, the amount of pain you suffered and your ability to work following the injury.

As a rough guideline, in 2017, you could expect to receive the following amounts:

1. You recover completely within a few months: up to £2,950

2. Your pain lasts up to three years: up to £9,000

3. Continuing permanent intermittent pain: up to £13,700

4. Permanent disability, surgery necessary with an effect on your ability to work: up to £19,400

RSI Compensation Payments Summary

On this page you have found out what an RSI is, how your solicitor calculates the amount of compensation you are entitled to claim and seen 4 examples of compensation amounts the UK courts have ordered employers to pay for workplace repetitive strains.

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