RSI Office Work Tennis Elbow Injury Claim: Can I claim compensation for a UK tennis elbow injury as a RSI caused from the repetitive nature of my office work?

RSI office work tennis elbow injury claim: my office job involves a heavy workload in the accounts department – using a number keypad and mouse resulting in repetitive movements all day everyday.

Over the past couple of years I have suffered from tennis elbow which I believe is a UK repetitive strain injury caused from my office work environment.  Despite medical treatment of injections and drugs my pain persists resulting in the need for an operation to release my tendon.

RSI Solicitor Response: To decide if you have a claim against your employer for tennis elbow RSI from office work you must consider:

RSI office work tennis elbow injury claim

RSI Office Work Tennis Elbow Injury Claim

1. Is tennis elbow a recognised form of repetitive strain injury caused from office work?

There are many different types of injury which can be classes as a repetitive strain injury or RSI – tennis elbow is one of them.

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2. The UK workplace law you can rely on to make your RSI compensation claim

In England the Health and Safety (Display Screen) Regulation 1992 require your employer to provide: suitable training and equipment and to plan your use of the display screen to ensure that your daily work is regularly interrupted by breaks or changes of activity.

3. More information about the working practices which led to your tennis elbow RSI

For a UK accident solicitor to make an informed decisions as to the chances of success of a compensation claim against your employer – more information about your accident circumstances and the working practices are required including:

a. Your hours of work at the office

b. The workload pressures put on you that could lead to tennis elbow RSI

c. The assistance you were given if your are overworked

d. The training you were provided with at work – especially in relation to what to do if any symptoms of repetitive strain injury appeared

e.  The change of your office working activities in the day (if any); and

f.  The regularity of breaks you were given each day from the repetitive office work and whether you took the breaks (including the breaks during extra busy work days).

4. Free online assistance – have a UK specialist repetitive strain injury solicitor contact you free of charge to discuss your claim

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