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Industrial Accident Claim: The health records your employer should keep which can support your claim for industrial injury compensation

Industrial accident claim solicitor reveals how your compensation claim is assisted by the fact your employer must keep records of your occupational injury; why there can be a delay before your employer makes the records; the effect any delay can have on your claim for compensation together with which records you can use to prove how your workplace accident happened.

Why must your employer keep records of every industrial accident that happens in the workplace?

Your employer is required by law to ensure the health and safety of all workers and to make proper records of any industrial accident or injury that happens in the workplace.

It is quite often considered a criminal offence for your employer not to comply with health and safety requirements.

Why is there sometimes a delay before your employer makes a record of your industrial accident, injury or occupational health symptoms?

Sometimes your employer may delay making a record of your industrial injury through no fault of his own – he simply may not be aware that you are suffering any problems, because you yourself may not have reported them to him.

For example:

If you are a typist and are suffering pain in your hands – your employer can’t make any records until you report the problems you are having. Once you do – your employer will be able to investigate the process and make proper records.

What effect can a delay in making records have on your industrial accident claim?

Normally – “no effect”.

But, if the delay is a long one – the systems that caused your injury may have changed, so the records by your employer and the investigations by the Health and Safety Executive may be more difficult.

If you have an industrial accident claim – we recommend you use a specialist industrial disease solicitor – who will be familiar with the legal techniques to get all the documents you need to prove your claim.

Why would you delay in telling your employer of any injury problems you may be having?

There are several reasons you may delay in telling your employer of your injuries including:

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Industrial Work Accident Claim

1. You yourself may not be aware that the problems you are having are caused from your workplace. For example – you may work with asbestos and may not realise that the cough you are developing is being caused from breathing in asbestos fibres.

2. You may feel that the pain you are suffering is only minor and not serious enough to trouble your employer with. For example – the initial symptoms of a repetitive strain injury could just be a slight ache in your wrist so you may think that the ache will pass and it is not worth troubling your employer.

3. You may believe that your job would be at risk if you complain to your employer about every little problem you have especially if you have just started a new job.

If you are having regular problems – it is better to tell someone senior in your workplace sooner rather than later. Your employer may thank you – especially if it stops you developing an industrial disease.

Should your employer warn you of the kind of industrial injury symptoms to look out for in certain jobs?

“Yes – your employer should warn you of the type of industrial injury symptoms that can develop from doing certain jobs and ask you to report any symptoms if they appear.

For example:

1. If you work in a dusty environment – your employer should warn you about the types of breathing symptoms you should look out for, which could show you are starting to suffer from a lung disease.

2. If you work in a noisy environment – you should be warned to look out for any hearing related problems … such as a constant buzzing in the ears when you are away from work, which could show you are starting to suffer industrial deafness.

When you know what to look out for – you should be able to spot the symptoms as soon as they commence and by telling your employer avoid them becoming worse.

Should your employer keep checks of on your health?

A good employer should keep checks on the health of his workers especially when the work environment is potentially dangerous.

For example – if you work in a dusty environment a good employer should not just rely on you to complain of any breathing symptoms, but should have a regular review of how you are feeling.

What are the records your employer should make of your industrial accident in the workplace?

The records your employer must keep for your industrial accident are the same as for any accident at work.

Click accident in the workplace to see the records your employer should make of your occupational injury which you can rely on to assist your claim.

Industrial accident claim summary & next steps

You now know all about the records your employer must keep of your industrial accident which will assist your claim for compensation in the UK.

The next step we recommend – is to learn how to show your employer is responsible in the eyes of the law for your industrial accident claim. This is slightly different for each type of industrial injury, so we first will describe each type of injury and show you how to prove your employer is legally responsible – starting with lung disease caused from inhaling dust in the workplace.

See our asbestos compensation claim article to discover why inhaling dust at work can cause injury, such as asbestosis and mesothelioma, which can form the basis of an industrial accident claim against your employer.

Specialist industrial accident claim solicitor free help

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