Industrial Accident Compensation

Industrial Accident: The Practical And Legal Steps To Claiming Industrial Injury Compensation In The UK

Industrial accident solicitors set out a complete summary to the industrial injury claims process from start to finish – with a list of articles that answer the typical questions that clients have before instructing a UK personal injury solicitor to start an occupational disease claim.

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Industrial Accident

Industrial Accident

The Immediate Steps Following Your Industrial Accident

Industrial disease claim

Discover all about the personal injuries which can form part of your industrial disease claim in the UK, including what the most common types of injury are and how they are caused

Industrial injury claim

Find out why it may take some time before you realise you are suffering an industrial disease, the practical steps you should take as soon as you become aware of your disease to ensure you receive the correct medical treatment and your disease is properly recorded by your employer – so you can make an industrial injury claim for compensation.

Industrial accident claim

This page reveals why your employer must keep records of your industrial injury, why there can be a delay before your employer makes the records, the effect any delay can have on your accident claim and which records you can use to prove how your accident happened, so you can make a UK industrial accident claim.

Showing Your Employer Is Responsible In The Eyes Of The Law

Asbestos compensation claim

The dangers to your health of inhaling dust at work should not be underestimated … on this page you will learn about the industrial diseases that you can develop, including asbestosis and mesothelioma, which can form the basis of your UK asbestos compensation claim.

Asbestosis compensation claim

Discover a simple guide to the laws in the United Kingdom used to determine your employer’s legal responsibility for your asbestosis compensation claim – including the importance of your employer’s state of knowledge of how dangerous a material is as well as how to make a claim against more than one employer.

Mesothelioma compensation claim

How to claim compensation for mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases for exposure to asbestos fibres in the UK workplace – even if you are now living abroad.

Repetitive strain injury

Find out what a repetitive strain injury is, how to show your employer is legally responsible for your compensation claim and the steps your employer may take to attempt to avoid responsibility for your claim.

Industrial deafness claim

Industrial deafness revealed – what it is, how it is caused and the and how to show your employer is legally responsible for your UK industrial deafness claim for compensation.

Noise induced hearing loss audiogram

Find out about the audiogram and other medical evidence your solicitor will need to prove you are suffering from hearing damage due to exposure to noise at work.

Claim for dermatitis and other industrial injuries

Discover how to show your employer is legally responsible for your UK industrial disease claim, including: industrial dermatitis, industrial asthma, vibration white finger and occupational stress.

Tinnitus claim

Find out what causes tinnitus in the workplace, why it is related to occupational hearing loss and how to claim from a former or current employer for noise exposure.

Miners Injury Compensation

Find out how to claim compensation for the most common types of injury suffered by miners in the UK, the time periods to claim compensation and how much compensation you can claim.

Starting Your Industrial Injury Claim

Employers liability insurance

How your solicitor can trace your employer’s liability insurance details, so as to commence a claim and ensure that you will recover compensation if you win your work injury claim even when you exposure took place many years ago and your former employer is no longer in business.

Industrial injury

Find out: how to start a compensation claim for industrial injury, which employer to make your claim against, the various national compensation schemes for UK disease claims and how long there is to start your claim before it is too late.

Industrial deafness claim time limit

Find out why you can only claim for exposure to excessive noise in the workplace as from 1963; how the requisite noise level threshold has dropped from 90DB to 80DB and how to calculate when your three years statutory limitation period starts to run from date of knowledge of noise induced hearing loss.

Pre-Action Protocol for low value claims

Find out when your solicitor should follow the personal injury pre-action protocol to commence your compensation claim – with important exceptions for multi-defendant and mesothelioma claims.

Symptoms of asthma at work

Find out the occupational asthma symptoms you are likely to suffer from due to inhaling air borne irritants at work, when you are likely to first experience the symptoms and how long you have to start a compensation claim.

How Much Industrial Injury Compensation You Can Claim

Industrial injury compensation

Discover all about the insurance your employer must have in place to meet your industrial injury compensation claim, the benefits to the safety in your workplace of involving your employer’s insurer and the types of compensation you can claim.

Asbestos compensation

On this page you will learn how your UK accident lawyer calculates the amount of money your asbestos compensation is worth – examples are given of how much UK compensation you can expect to receive for lung disease caused by asbestos inhalation including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Industrial deafness

Click here to find out how your UK accident lawyer calculates the amount of money your industrial injury claim is worth – examples are given of how much you can expect to receive for an industrial deafness and a repetitive strain injury in the UK workplace.


Find out how the amount of Repetitive Strain Injury Compensation you can expect to receive is calculated together with examples of how much compensation.

Choosing The Best Accident Lawyer To Start Your Claim

Personal injury lawyer

Discover what a specialist personal injury lawyer actually is, how to check a lawyer’s level of expertise and the things you should be careful of before signing an agreement.

No win no fee

Click on this link to find out about the legal costs involved in making a compensation claim, where to look for insurance policies that you may already have in place to meet these costs and ways of funding them when you have no insurance – including no win no fee agreements.

Industrial Accident Claims Summary

This page gives you the benefit of over 20 years experience as a specialist personal injury solicitors – guiding you through the complete process of making an industrial accident claim, from the initial steps you should take immediately following your accident to contacting the best industrial accident lawyer.

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