Solicitor Refuses To Proceed With Accident Claim At Three Year Time Period

Find out what you can do if your solicitor refuses to continue with your claim or wishes to start charging you legal fees just as your accident claim is approaching the three year limitation period.

UK road traffic accident victim question

Not sure if I am too late to make a claim or if I am able to sue my solicitor for negligence. I had a pedestrian road accident 2 years 11 months ago and I hired a solicitor to make a claim.

He has had almost three years to make my claim and the last letter I received yesterday unexpectedly told me I was approaching the three year limitation, but my solicitor was unable to obtain insurance to make my road traffic accident claim.

I have tried to speak to a few personal injury lawyers and I have been told it is too late to make a claim. So not sure now what to do

My solicitor did correspondent with me at the beginning of the year asking did I wish to take my claim elsewhere, but that he was still trying to sort insurance out. As he had been on the claim for so long a time I decided against this.

My RTA was a car accident with a bus driver. I was hit from behind by a bus, but I now understand that the bus driver and his employer’s are suggesting I reversed into the bus and are attempting to deny liability.

Accident claim solicitor response

If you were over the age of 18 years at the time of your road traffic accident – you have three years from the date of your accident to issue proceedings at court to protect your claim. Although – you have three years practically it would at this stage be extremely difficult to assess your claim and take the necessary steps prior to the three year deadline to ensure your risks as to costs are protected.

The details that another solicitor has assessed your claim and was unable to obtain after the event insurance would have to be supplied to another after the event insurance company, who would likely refuse you cover due to the risks involved or alternatively the cost of your insurance premium would be unnecessarily high.

I suggest that you make a complaint to your original solicitor in writing via the solicitors firm’s complaints procedure to see if that firm will issue protective proceedings on your behalf and afford you the opportunity to find another lawyer.

You should also check to see whether you have legal protection cover on any household contents insurance you might have which would fund the costs of an insurance panel solicitor to make your claim at no cost to yourself.

To read the page I have written explain about legal protection cover on household contents insurance click accident claim insurance

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