Child Accident At School How Long To Claim

Child Accident At School How Long To Claim: How long do I have to claim compensation for an injury whilst I was a child which I suffered whilst at school?

Child accident at school how long to claim: I had an accident at school when I was 13 – my injuries are still with me today. Can I still claim?

Child Accident Lawyer Response

If you have an accident when you are a child you should consider the following information when determining if you are still in time to claim:

child accident how long to claim

Child Accident How Long To Claim?

1. How long does a child have to start a claim for compensation following an accident at school before it is too late in the eyes of the law?

Typically you have three years from the the legal date of majority to commence a claim at court before you are statute barred. In England and Wales the date of majority is 18 years, so you would have three years from this date (until your 21st birthday) to make a claim.

In Scotland the date of majority is 16 years – so your limitation to claim might expire on your 19th birthday.

2. Are there any exceptions when you have an accident as a child, which would give you extra time beyond your 21st birthday?

There are some very limited circumstances when the time period for starting a compensation claim can be extended. Click how long to claim to see the article I have written explaining the three year rule and exceptions to the rule, including mental incapacity (rendering you incapable as an adult of running your own affairs) and date of knowledge of injury.

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