Child Injury Claim

Child Injury Claim: How do I make a compensation claim for my son who was injured at school?

Child injury claim: my 13 year old son got his tooth broken by another student at school. The school do not accept my son’s injury was their responsibility. I have tried to get in contact with the other pupil’s parents, but without success.

Child Injury Claim Solicitor Response

child injury claim

Child Injury Claim

To proceed with a UK child injury claim at school I suggest you follow this process:

1. Was the injury to your son a deliberate act?

If your son was injured by a deliberate act – I suggest you speak to the school as to whether the police were notified and you may consider involving the police yourself. A child over 10 years has criminal responsibility and as such you can claim criminal injury compensation on your son’s behalf.

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2. Read my answer to a previous site visitor’s question about making a child injury claim following an accident at school caused by another child

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3. The school may be responsible for the your child’s injury claim

I would add to the answer at 2 above that it is not sufficient for the school to deny responsiblity – you should speak with a UK child accident lawyer about how exactly you son was injured, as it maybe the case that the school are responsible as a matter of law.

Accident Solicitor – Child Injury Claim

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4. Contacting the parents of the child who caused your son’s injury

Should you decide that you do not wish to involve a solicitor at this stage and are finding contacting the parent’s of the other child a difficulty – I suggest you speak to the head teacher at the school and make it formal.

Your son has been injured at school – it is not your fault and I presume it is not your son’s fault – so make an appointment to see the head teacher asking him or her to bring to the meeting for you to look at: the accident book entry and all other documentary evidence of the investigations following the accident.

If the school are not prepared to release the address of the other parents concerned, due perhaps to the Data Protection Act, you might request that any letter you write is forwarded via the school to the parents concerned.

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