Child Accident Lawyer

Child Accident Lawyer: Do I need help from a specialist solicitor to claim compensation for a school accident in which my son’s two front teeth were knocked out?

Child Accident Lawyer Response

“Yes” – I think it very likely that you will need a UK child accident lawyer to make a compensation claim for a school accident for the following reasons:

child accident lawyer

Child Accident Lawyer

1. The process of deciding who is liable for your child’s claim for damaged teeth is not straight forward

You can see using the link below that there are many considerations a child accident lawyer must take into account to determine if your son has a claim and who should be responsible for paying compensation.

Even if a school seems responsible – it is very unusual that it will accept this responsibility and pay compensation without a legal professional fighting your corner.

Click child accident compensation claim to see the answer to a frequently asked question answering what to consider to decide who is liable for a child injury claim following a UK school accident

2. A full description is necessary to a child accident lawyer to decide whether you have a compensation claim against the school

You have not provided a description of how your son’s accident occurred, so I cannot say whether the school is liable for paying compensation. The only way to know is to speak to a specialist child accident lawyer who can determine from the facts whether a claim is likely to succeed.

I can arrange this assistance free of charge – I will just need you to complete a simple on line form which you find using the link below.

Click child accident lawyer to if you would like me to call you about your compensation claim.

3. How much compensation is your son’s claim for damaged teeth likely to be worth?

Click how much compensation to find out the amount of compensation you can expect to receive for your son’s damaged teeth.