School Rugby Accident Compensation Knee Injury

School Rugby Accident: Can I claim compensation for my son’s knee injury in a school rugby accident?

Compensation for knee injury in school rugby accident: My son is 11 years of age and recently suffered a knee injury during a school rugby match – we are awaiting the results of a MRI scan.

I believe the school was at fault and I wish to claim compensation for my son’s knee injury.

School Accident Solicitor Response

To decide if you should make a compensation claim for your son’s knee injury you should:

rugby accident at school

Rugby Accident At School

1. Determine if the school is legally responsible for your son’s knee injury in the rugby accident

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2. Determine how severe your son’s knee injury is from the school rugby accident

You have mentioned that your son’s knee injury was sustained recently and you are awaiting the results of an MRI scan.

This is quite a critical factor: for you to recover your legal costs in using a solicitor to make a claim in England – your son’s claim must be worth over a £1,000 threshold limit.

A knee injury can easily be worth over this sum – but I need to know what exactly the injury is to establish this fact.

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3. Free online solicitor legal help from a UK specialist child accident solicitor

My site offers free online legal assistance including speaking to me direct or another specialist school child accident solicitor contact you free of charge to take some initial details. It is likely that you will be advised that no action should be taken until the results of the MRI scan are received.

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