Rugby Accident School Child Claim Compensation

School Rugby Accident Compensation Claim: Please can you tell me if my child has a rugby accident claim for compensation?

Child rugby accident at school: My son suffered an injury whilst rugby training at school – his sports teacher insisted that the boys ‘go in hard’ which he did causing him to dislocated his shoulder, which may now need an operation.

child school rugby accident

Child School Rugby Accident

Accident Compensation Solicitor Response

To decide if your son has a UK compensation claim against his school for an injury whilst playing rugby will depend upon the following:

1. How exactly the school rugby accident happened

A fuller description of exactly what happened during the rugby training at school is necessary to decide if your son has a claim for compensation. We need to establish whether the injury was suffered whilst your son or another of the children was completing a rugby move which was within the rules of the game or was doing something that was clearly dangerous – possibly due to inexperience of the game.

2. The training, supervision and warnings provided by the sports teachers in the school to ensure the safety of the children

Rugby is clearly a contact sport and there are risks involved by taking part in the game. This does not mean of course that a teacher or school can wash their hands of any form of responsibility for injuries suffered. Proper training should be given as to how to avoid injury. If injury is unavoidable then the types of injury to be expected should be explained to the children and I would suggest for more serious injuries, such as a dislocated shoulder, the risks should be explained to the parents of the child to ensure their consent.

You have said that the children were asked to “go in hard”. This is perhaps a legitimate rugby term, but a sports teacher must also explain how to do this safely and the risks of doing so in an improper manner. I would imagine that this would be acceptable if the child was running into a training pad, but irresponsible if running head on into another child.

A sports teacher should supervise the children to ensure that no one is acting improperly or dangerously – if he allows dangerous play to continue, such behaviour is inviting an accident to happen.

3. The age of your son at the time of the accident

The younger your son the greater the duty on his sports teacher and the school to take care with his safety. Younger children naturally do not appreciate the risks of their actions as older children would.

4. The age of the other children your son was playing rugby with when the accident happened

There are clear guidelines in UK schools as to the acceptable age groups children can play together in a sport such as rugby. Clearly tackling a much older child would run a much greater risk of injury.

5. More information on accident at school UK compensation claims

Injury To Minor Click this link to learn all you need to know about making a compensation claim for children and UK accidents at school

Have your compensation claim assessed by a specialist UK accident solicitor free of charge

To decide if your son has a claim I need more information about your son’s accident.

Please click on the link below to complete and send an online confidential form – please include in your accident description the points I have raised above.

On receipt of this form I will better be able to assess your son’s claim and I will have a specialist UK accident claim solicitor contact you free of charge to assess if your son has a claim. You can then make a decision as to whether you would like to make a claim or not.

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