School Accident Claims

School Accident Claims: Can I claim UK compensation for my child’s injury whilst using school playground equipment?

School accident claims: Whilst my young son was using the climbing frame he was pushed by another young child causing him to fall and land heavily on the tarmac surface. He suffered a fractured right arm.

There was no teacher supervision at the time of the accident at school and the head teacher has told me that the playground accident is now being investigated.

School Accident Claims Solicitor Response

UK school accident claims are very common – to decide if you should make a child injury claim you should consider the following:

school accident claims

School Accident Claims

1. How old was your son and the other child involved in your son’s accident at school?

The younger the children involved in a UK child accident the more likely school accident claims will be successful.

A teacher should supervise the use of a playground climbing frame, especially when the children are very young, as it is likely that a child injury could happen as it did to your son. Young children do not fully appreciate the dangers of their play and a teacher should be present to ensure dangerous play is not allowed.

2. The suitability of the tarmac surface and the climbing frame could give rise to UK school accident claims

It is likely that young children using a climbing frame at school would fall whether supervised by a teacher or not. As a result the surface under the climbing frame should be able to cushion the fall of a child and prevent injury.

The climbing frame should not be too high for a child of your son’s age to use – should he fall he would not have too far to drop before reaching the floor and so reduce the risk of injury.

It seems that as the fall caused your son’s accident – the climbing frame or the surface under the climbing frame was unsuitable and so your UK accident child claim may well succeed.

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3. The responsibility of the other child for his actions in causing your son’s fall

The older a child – the closer he is to being an adult and so the more responsible he should be for his actions.

If the other child pushed your son deliberately as an act of bullying – there is a possibility of a UK criminal injuries claim.

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If the other child pushed your son in play – there is a theoretical right to make a claim against him. Of course he would not have the means to pay any claim even if successful, but remember most home owners have building and contents insurance which will pay compensation for all claims made against household members including children.

If the child’s parents have compensation it is worth considering an accident child claim against the other child.

4. Free online solicitor legal help with school accident claims

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