Child Accident Claim

Child Accident Claim: Free legal information sites to help with compensation claims for children with free legal help online from a specialist child accident solicitor

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child accident claim

Child Accident Claim

A child has until his 21st birthday to start a compensation claim, if a claim is started whilst the child is under 18 an adult with parental responsibility must provide the child’s instructions and the court must authorize any compensation amounts before concluding a claim and invest that money until the child reaches adulthood.

Children Act 1989 – Parental Responsibility To Make A UK Child Accident Claim

For a child accident claim to be made in the UK – instructions to a compensation solicitor must be given by an adult with parental responsibility for that child – this adult is known as a litigation friend. Section 2 of the Children Act 1989 explains who has parental responsibility for a child as of right and who can apply for it – use this link to see an official copy of the Children Act.

Child accident claim procedure and FAQ’s

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Child Accident Claim Summary And Free Online Legal Help

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