shuttle bus accident

Shuttle Bus Accident

Shuttle Bus Accident: How to claim from the UK for injury in a road traffic accident whilst on holiday in Spain or elsewhere in Europe

Find out from a holiday accident victim’s frequently asked question – how to claim compensation when you suffer injury in a shuttle bus accident (or other road accident) whilst on holiday in Spain or elsewhere in Europe.

Shuttle bus accident victim question

My wife and I had a 2-week holiday in Spain. We booked the hotel and flights separately from the UK and arranged for a shuttle bus to pick us up from the hotel to take us to the airport using an online shuttle bus transfer booking website.

We were sitting on the back seat of the shuttle bus waiting at a set of lights when a lorry drove into the back of the shuttle. The lorry must have been traveling quite fast as the bus was thrown forward with great force. Both my wife and I were thrown into the back of the seat in front of us.

The Spanish police and ambulance services were quick to the scene. It is understood that the lorry driver accepted fault and we together with some other passengers were taken to hospital.

We were diagnosed with various injuries including whiplash injuries to the neck, lower back injuries and chest injuries. We missed our flight and the next day arranged for another flight to take us home.

Since our return to home both my wife and I have been unable to return to work and the hospital is completing further investigations as to the extent of the spinal injuries.

As we arranged the hotel accommodation, flights and shuttle bus transfer to and from the airport independently we are not classed as being on a package holiday.

Can we claim from the UK for our shuttle bus accident or must we rely on a Spanish lawyer?

Shuttle Bus Accident Solicitor Response

Usually for you to make a claim from the UK for an injury whilst on holiday – your accident must happen as part of a package holiday booked from the UK.

However, as your Spanish shuttle bus accident was a road accident involving a motorized vehicle – you should be able to make your claim from the UK for your injuries.

Please note generally European law requires a few criteria to be met to be able to claim from the UK:

  1. The road accident must involve at least one motorized vehicle.
  2. The shuttle bus accident should take place within a European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Area (EFTA) country.
  3. You must be resident in the UK at the time of the accident.

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European Shuttle Bus Accident Specialist Solicitor Help

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