Spain Law Firms

Spain Law Firms: English speaking lawyers in Spain who can help you claim compensation following an accident

Spain law firms: Some types of personal injury claim can be made from the UK using specialist accident abroad solicitors – others will require a Spanish lawyer to assist. Find out how to determine whether your claim can be made from the UK and how to contact an English speaking Spanish lawyer.

What types of accident in Spain will allow a claim to be made from the UK?

There are primarily three types of accident claim which allow a specialist travel accident solicitor in the UK to assist with your claim:

Spain law firms

Spain Law Firms

1. Package holiday accidents in Spain

If you booked a package holiday in Spain from the UK and you are injured in an accident as part of the package (for example, due to the hotel’s negligence) your claim can be commenced within the UK jurisdiction.

Click package holiday claims to see this website’s detailed article about claiming compensation for an injury experienced in a package holiday.

2. Road traffic accidents in Spain

If you are resident in the UK and whilst in Spain you are involved in a RTA (as a driver, a passenger or a pedestrian) – European law allows you to make a claim from the UK using a specialist European road traffic accident solicitor.

Click European road traffic accident to see the article explaining when and how to claim.

3. Aircraft accidents in Spain

If you suffered injury on a plane in Spain bound for the UK or your flight was booked with a UK carrier – it could be possible to make a personal injury claim in the UK.

Click aircraft accident to see how to claim compensation for an injury on a plane.

How do you find an English speaking Spanish lawyer?

English is widely spoken in Spain, so there are many Spanish law firms that have English speaking lawyers. Click Spain law firms to find a law firm that can help you with an issue of Spanish law.

Free online legal assistance with an accident in Spain

If you are injured in Spain and wish to determine whether you can claim from the UK or require the assistance of a Spanish lawyer – click accident in Spain, to speak to me direct or have your question answered by a specialist overseas accident solicitor.