criminal injuries claim

Criminal Injuries Claim: How to know if you can make a criminal injury claim for compensation

Criminal Injuries Claim: If you have suffered a criminal injury anywhere in the world you will be pleased to learn that you will often be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Find out some important factors you must consider before making your claim in Great Britain, how to know if a criminal injuries compensation scheme operates in other countries, detailed pages setting out the whole of the UK claims process from the CICA and how to obtain free online specialist solicitor legal help.

criminal injuries claim

Criminal Injuries Claim

What is a criminal injuries claim for compensation?

When you suffer an injury, either physical or psychological, as a result of a crime of violence you are entitled to claim compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in certain countries, such as Great Britain.

Do you have to involve the police to make a criminal injuries claim?

“Yes,” where possible the incident that led to your injury should be reported to the police so that the crime can be properly investigated and the person who caused your injury prosecuted.

The first step with any criminal injuries application is to provide a crime reference number so that the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority can write to police to verify that a crime was committed.

How long following your criminal injury do you have to claim compensation?

The time period to claim criminal injuries compensation will vary from country to country.

If you are injured in the UK – you will have two years from your criminal injury to start a claim, but there are some exceptions when you might be granted more time: for example, if you were a child at the time of your injury.

Where must your criminal injury occur for you to have a claim?

Many countries across the world have a criminal injuries compensation scheme.

For example, if you are injured in Great Britain, which consists of the countries England, Scotland and Wales – a claim can be made to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Ireland has a very similar criminal compensation scheme as do most of the European Union countries.

Some other countries such as the United States, Australia and Hong Kong also have a criminal injuries compensation scheme.

How much criminal injuries compensation will you receive?

The amount of criminal injuries compensation you will receive depends on the severity and type of injury you suffer.

Most criminal compensation schemes have a fixed scale or tariff – in other words a fixed sum of money for each type of injury you suffer.

Do you receive your legal costs as part of a your criminal injury compensation claim?

“No,” in most countries you will not receive your legal costs in making a claim, but most injury lawyers will agree to assist you on the understanding that payment will be made out from your compensation if your claim is successful.

This is known as a “contingency fee”.

How do you start a criminal injuries claim in the UK

Starting a criminal injuries claim in the UK is relatively straight forward. The CICA or “Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority” is the organisation which will pay your compensation.

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Criminal injury compensation claims process

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