Wiplash Injury: How do I claim compensation for wiplash injuries in a road traffic accident that was not my fault?

Wiplash injury: several months ago I suffered a wiplash as a passenger in a car driven by a friend. My friend stopped at a set of traffic lights which were on red when we were hit from behind by another vehicle. I did not feel injured at first, but a few hours later the back of my neck started to cause me pain. I went to the local accident emergency hospital and was diagnosed with a wiplash injury. My neck is still very stiff and I am suffering from headaches.

A: To claim compensation in the UK for the type of whiplash injury you have suffered you need follow this process:

Wiplash injury

Whiplash injury

1. Be aware that whiplash is very commonly misspelt as wiplash

Whiplash is very commonly misspelt as wiplash. Using the correct spelling on the internet you will find a lot of information about treatment and symptoms.

2. Consider who is responsible for your UK road traffic accident that led to your whiplash injury

Your claim for compensation will be made against the driver who was responsible for the car accident which caused your personal injury. Here it seems very clear that the driver of other vehicle was at fault and so responsible for the collision.

Click car accident claim to see how to prove legal responsibility for your RTA in the United Kingdom.

3. Consider the severity of your whiplash / wiplash injury

From the wiplash injury symptoms you have described – initial neck pain coupled with ongoing stiffness and headaches it seems your whiplash is quite bad and as such worth over £1000.

In England and Wales the law requires the driver responsible for your RTA to pay your legal costs in making a claim in addition to your compensation so long as your personal injuries amount to more than £1000.

Click car accident compensation to see examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim.

4. Choosing the best whiplash injury solicitor to make your claim

To maximise the amount of compensation you receive you should use a specialist road traffic accident solicitor to make your claim.

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5. Free online legal help

My website offers online legal help with any question you may have or to make a claim. Using the link below you can view all the online help facilities or have a specialist road accident solicitor telephone you free of charge to discuss your wiplash compensation claim.

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