Industrial Injury Compensation

Industrial Injury Compensation: Your guide to the insurance your employer must have in place to pay your workplace injury claim and the types of compensation you can claim

Industrial injury compensation: discover why your employer must have insurance in place to meet your workplace accident claim, the benefits to the occupational safety in your workplace by involving your employer’s insurer and the types of compensation you can claim.

What is worker compensation insurance?

The insurance your employer must have in place to meet your industrial injury compensation claim is the same as that for any injury at work.

I will shortly provide you with a link describing all you need to know about worker insurance, but before I do there are some important points that are relevant to an industrial injury compensation claim that you should know:

industrial injury compensation

Industrial Injury Compensation

1. Industrial diseases are often very serious – sometimes lasting for the rest of a your life and affecting your ability to earn an income. An industrial injury compensation claim is therefore likely to be very large and if your employer was not required by law to have insurance it is very easy to see how he would go bankrupt if he had to meet several such claims.

2. Because it can take so long for an industrial disease to develop companies may no longer be in business by the time your claim is started, but do not worry as long as insurance was in place at the relevant time of your employment then the insurance company should still meet your claim.

3. Some insurance companies have so many claims against one employer that they may set up a compensation
scheme requiring any new claims to follow the scheme that they have set up.

4. The UK government may set up a compensation scheme for certain types of industrial disease of certain nationalised employers – some of which are no longer in existence.

For example – British Coal or the National Coal Board employed a great number of workers many of whom suffered lung disease and other industrial injuries. To deal with the payment of worker’s industrial injury compensation claims a national compensation scheme was set up called “The Department of Trade and Industry Coalhealth Compensation Scheme”.

Click worker compensation insurance to learn about the insurance your employer must have in place and and a description of personal accident sickness insurance.

What are you entitled to claim as part of your industrial injury compensation?

The types of loss you can include as part of your UK industrial accident claim are the same as for any accident at work compensation claim.

Click accident at work compensation to find out about the types of loss you can claim as part of your workplace injury claim.

If you are claiming compensation using one of the national compensation schemes the amount of legal costs you can claim are likely to be limited to a fixed amount allowed under the scheme – it is therefore very important to use a lawyer who is familiar with the scheme. Click on the link next to my photograph to receive my help with your search.

Summary Of Industrial Injury Compensation Page

You now know all about the types of industrial injury compensation you are entitled to claim in the UK, how your claim is met by your employer’s insurance and how your claim can force your employer to remedy any danger in the workplace.

The next step I suggest you take is to find out about the different amounts of compensation you can receive for the common types of industrial disease. I shall take you through each in turn starting with asbestos compensation.

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