Claim Compensation For Mesothelioma: How to claim compensation for mesothelioma when your exposure to asbestos took place in the UK and you now live overseas

Claim compensation mesothelioma: Mesothelioma can develop decades after exposure to asbestos fibres. It is all too common that you may have been exposed whilst working in a former country of residence before having emigrated to your now country of residence – learn how you can still claim compensation for mesothelioma in these circumstances.

Which country should you start your claim for compensation for mesothelioma?

claim compensation mesothelioma

Claim Compensation Mesothelioma

Imagine you were born in England where you lived and worked until the age of 30 when you emigrated with your family to Australia where you currently reside with your wife and children. At the age of 55 you are diagnosed with mesothelioma having been caused by exposure to asbestos in your job in England as a surveyor.

In this example – your exposure happened in England and although mesothelioma developed while your were in Australia your claim is against your former employer in England and is subject to English law, so you should commence your claim in England.

Can you still claim compensation for mesothelioma despite your exposure to asbestos taking place so many years ago?

.”Yes” – there are three years from the date of an injury or the date of knowledge of an injury in England to commence a claim.

Mesothelioma can develop many years after exposure to asbestos and it is impossible to predict whether it will occur until symptoms develop and you are medically diagnosed.

You will therefore have three years from the date your doctor diagnosed your injury to commence a claim.

Mesothelioma is regretfully likely to be fatal and should you die within three years of the date of diagnosis your estate or family members would have another three years from the date of your death to commence a compensation claim.

If you are in the process of making a claim when you die – you can rest assured that your estate can continue your claim after you have gone.

Who can claim compensation if the mesothelioma proves fatal?

There are a number of people who can claim compensation if your mesothelioma proves fatal, including:

1. Your estate

If you have made a will and nominated personal representatives – the personal representatives will act on your estate’s behalf and can make a compensation claim.

2. Close family members

Immediate family members such as your spouse or children may have the right to make a compensation claim following your death.

3. Dependants

Close family members who were financially dependent on you could might also be able to make a claim.

How do you know the best personal injury lawyer to contact to make your claim for compensation for mesothelioma

Industrial disease and mesothelioma claims generally are quite complex. There are few lawyers in England who have the expertise to deal with your claim.

You should choose a lawyer whose firm deals with mesothelioma claims day in day out and who is recognised as a specialist by the Law Society & Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Free online legal help to claim compensation for mesothelioma

My website has a number of free online legal help options if you are considering making a claim for compensation for mesothelioma.

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