Industrial Deafness

Industrial Deafness: The Amount Of Compensation You Can Claim For Noise Induced Hearing Loss And Tinnitus Caused By Exposure To Loud Noise In The Workplace

Find out how a solicitor calculates the amount of compensation your industrial deafness & tinnitus claim is worth – examples are given of how much you can expect to receive for an industrial deafness and tinnitus injury in the UK workplace.

How does your solicitor know how much compensation to claim for your industrial deafness?

To support your hearing loss claim – your solicitor will obtain a medical report from a hearing specialist, typically an ENT / Ear Nose & Throat specialist. This expert will examine you,  have your hearing tested by an audiologist (the results of your hearing test are plotted out in an audiogram) and will scrutinise your medial history in relation to any reported hearing problems and tests.

The expert will then produce a medical report based on this examination and your hearing test audiogram, which will specify the your industrial deafness in both ears from noise exposure at work.

Based on this medical report your solicitor will refer to judicial guidance and caselaw for claims with similar hearing loss levels to determine the compensation payouts you should be able to recover.

Calculating compensation amounts for pain and suffering caused by industrial deafness is not an exact science as caselaw can vary. Your solicitor will therefore likely provide you with a range of compensation sums your hearing damage could be worth as compared to an exact figure.

In addition to compensation for the hearing loss itself – you can also claim compensation for past and future financial loss and expense (special damages) incurred as a direct result of your hearing loss. Such losses may include lost income and the cost of an hearing aid.

Your solicitor will add the compensation sum for pain and suffering to the financial loss and expense-  to give your overall compensation payout entitlement.

Examples of compensation payout amounts for industrial deafness and tinnitus

The amount of compensation you can claim for industrial deafness depends on several factors, including whether: hearing damage is partial or total; you suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and whether your noise induced hearing loss in one or both of your ears.

As a rough guideline, in 2021 you can expect to receive the following amounts:

1. Partial noise induced hearing loss compensation payouts

a) Low level noise induced hearing loss with no tinnitus or low level tinnitus with no hearing loss will lead to a compensation claim payout of up to: £6,600

b) Low level or occasional tinnitus with low level industrial deafness with lead to an average compensation payout between: £6,600 – £11,800

c) Mild noise induced hearing loss with no tinnitus or mild tinnitus with no hearing loss – could result in your compensation being calculated around: £11,000

d) Mild hearing loss from noise and mild tinnitus together: £11,800 – £13,900

e) Moderate tinnitus and moderate industrial deafness together or serious noise induced hearing loss alone / serious tinnitus alone would cause your compensation settlement to be calculated between: £14,000 – £28,000

f) Severe tinnitus with more serious hearing loss – your average claim payout would be calculated between: £28,000 – £42,800

industrial deafness noise induced hearing loss claim

Industrial Deafness Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claim

2. Permanent noise induced hearing loss compensation calculators

a) Total deafness in one ear with or without tinnitus – your average payout amount would be between: £29,000- £42,800

b) Total hearing loss in both ears with no tinnitus or loss of speech – compensation amounts will range from: £85,000 – £103,000

c) Total industrial deafness in both ears and loss of speech (typically relevant when the hearing loss occurs at a young age) – your compensation settlement will be calculated between: £1o3,000 – £132,000

Industrial Deafness Summary

In this article you have found out all about how your solicitor calculates average compensation payouts for all manner of industrial deafness and tinnitus claims.

Next Steps And Online Specialist Solicitor Free Help

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We provide specialist solicitor online / direct dial telephone help if you suspect you have hearing loss from noise exposure at work. You can ask an online question or discuss your potential industrial deafness claim in person with a specialist solicitor.