Factory Sewing Machinist Hearing Loss

Factory Sewing Machinist Hearing Loss, Tinnitus And Ear Damage Solicitor FAQ

Factory sewing machinist hearing loss victim questions

I am suffering day and night with tinnitus, my main work was a sewing machinist in different factories in Wigan over 20 years ago.

A friend said I may be able to claim as she worked in the factories and has made a successful claim for hearing loss.

Noise induced hearing loss solicitor response

Tinnitus, which is a ringing or buzzing in the ears, can be caused by exposure to excessive noise at work, but it typically goes hand in hand with noise induced hearing loss.

To better establish if you have a claim for hearing loss I would need to have the following information:

factory sewing machinist hearing loss

Factory Sewing Machinist Hearing Loss

1. A brief description of the noise levels in the various factory workplaces.

For example – how many hours of each day were you exposed to noise, did you have to shout to be heard over the machines, etc.

2. Did your employers attempt to fulfil their obligations at all, by for example: giving you warnings about the dangers of noise, having your ears tested on a regular basis, providing some form of hearing protection, etc.

3. Are you suffering from noise induced hearing loss – in addition to tinnitus?

You might have noticed that you struggle to hear what others say when there is back ground noise, having to turn the TV set up, missing the doorbell and phone ringing, etc.

4. Have you had your hearing tested by the hospital or GP for noise induced hearing loss?

The noise induced hearing loss audiogram – will illustrate a very distinctive shape if industrial deafness is present.

The date of any such test is very important as it is very unlikely you will be able to claim compensation if that hearing test and diagnosis of hearing loss took place more than 3 years ago.

How to determine if you have a factory sewing machinist hearing loss claim

Once you have supplied the requisite information – I can call you and speak to you in person to discuss if you do in actual fact have a claim and the process to making a claim.

A claim can still be made even though the noise exposure took place over 20 years ago and the businesses might not still be trading.

Click industrial deafness to see the page I have written setting out the amounts of compensation which can be recovered for factory sewing machinist hearing loss claims.