Ear Damage

Ear Damage: Solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for injury to your hearing in the workplace

Ear damage claims can be made when you suffer hearing problems as a result of excessive noise, acoustic shock, infection or an accident in the workplace.

See our list of articles explaining the types of hearing damage you might experience – from hearing loss to tinnitus, with an explanation of how to claim, evidence used to show hearing loss cause, how long you have to claim, how to calculate the amounts of compensation your solicitor could recover for different ear injuries, government benefits you might be entitled to claim with free online specialist solicitor assistance.

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How To Claim From Specific Types Of Working Practice Known To Cause Hearing Damage

Call Centre Workers Acoustic Shock

How to claim for hearing damage that can be caused to your ears by extremely loud short bursts of sound experienced by call handlers typically in call centres.

Types Of Ear Damage You Might Experience At Work

Hearing Problems Compensation

Hearing Problems Compensation

Industrial Deafness Claim

How to prove your employer is responsible in the eyes of the law for noise induced hearing loss & deafness.

Tinnitus Compensation Claims

The ringing or buzzing in your ears especially in the quiet of night – can be a symptom of hearing loss or an injury its own right.

Calculating compensation amounts for hearing loss and tinnitus

Industrial Deafness / Noise Induced Hearing Loss / Tinnitus Payout Amounts

Compensation amounts you can claim for differing levels and types of ear damage.

Evidence to support workplace hearing problem claims

Hearing Test Audiogram

The audiogram sets out hearing test results in a graph or diagram format. The shape of the audiogram can allow a medical professional to determine the likely cause of your ear damage.

Making an ear damage claim

Types Of Workplace & How Long To Claim

The statutory limitation period to claim compensation for hearing damage.

Proving Employer Is At Fault For Industrial Deafness

How your solicitor proves your employer is responsible to pay compensation for your occupational hearing problems.

Government benefits that might be available for hearing damage at work

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

If you suffer a disability, such as hearing damage, you might be able to claim some monies from the government for your disability.

Specialist Solicitor Free Help Options

If you have suffered ear damage and are wanting to know if you have a claim, how to proceed and the options available to your concerning claiming compensation see our specialist solicitor online & telephone help.