Injury Claims At Work

Work Injury Claims: UK solicitor sets out the most common work accidents that you can claim compensation for with an explanation of how to show legal responsibility for each

An overview to the injury claims at work articles we have written for specific types of accident which can be suffered in the workplace; with an explanation as to how to claim compensation; examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim with access to free specialist solicitor online legal help.

How to use the injury claims at work index

Simply look at the list common types of work accidents, as set out in alphabetical order below, click on the accident type of most interest and you will be taken to our detailed article explaining how to claim.

Building Site Accident Claims

Find out when you can claim compensation for injuries on building sites – includes employees, contractors, self employer, visitors, trespassers with links to our articles setting out how much compensation work injury claims are worth.

Construction Accident Claims

The health and safety laws which protect construction site workers with a specialist solicitor explanation as to how to show an employer is at fault in the UK.

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Construction Workplace Injury Compensation Claim

Defective Work Equipment Compensation

A description of what is classed as work equipment, how an employee need only show that equipment was defective and caused injury to succeed in recovering compensation from an employer for injury claims at work.

Forklift Accident Compensation

Discover the types of  work lifting trucks, the injury fork lift trucks can cause at work and how much compensation you can claim.

Manual Handling Injury Claims

The duties owed by an employer when you are required to move objects at work – includes compensation amounts for common manual handling injuries.

Miners Injury Compensation

A description of common types of injuries to miners from exposure to airborne particles, loud noise and vibrating tools with an explanation as to how to claim compensation.

Free online specialist work accident solicitor legal help

We offer a number of specialist solicitor free telephone and online help options – you can discuss your potential work injury claim online or direct with our solicitors or ask an online questions – all free of charge.