Accident Claims UK

Accident Claims UK: Find out which country in the UK you should commence your claim in

Accident claims UK solicitor explains the different legal jurisdictions that make up the UK, which country you should commence your claim in and how to claim from the UK for overseas accident claims..

What Are Legal Jurisdictions That Make Up The UK?

The UK is currently made up of three legal jurisdictions – in each jurisdiction the law for claiming personal injury is different.

UK Accident Claims
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The three jurisdictions that make up the UK are:

1. England and Wales,

2. Scotland; and

3. Northern Ireland.

If you have an accident in any of these countries you should start your claim in that country’s courts as the accident is typically subject to the “law of the land” (in other words – the relevant law for making a claim is the one in which your accident happens).

If however your accident relates to a package holiday, an accident on board a plane or a road traffic accident – it is often possible to commence the claim from your country of residence within the UK.

Overseas Accident Claims And Legal Jurisdictions

Even if you suffer an accident overseas (outside of the UK) – you still maybe able to make a claim from a UK country.