how to claim

How To Claim? Specialist solicitor explains the process of claiming compensation for personal injury following an accident in the UK or overseas

How to claim: discover how using a solicitor is the best approach to claiming compensation for an accident in the UK; how to claim from the UK for accidents abroad; examples of the claims process for the most common types of accident with free online legal help options.

How to claim for an accident in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland – the best approach

The best approach of how to claim compensation following an accident in the UK is to use a specialist personal injury solicitor to help you with your claim.

how to claim

How To Claim

A solicitor will know all the procedures to make your claim and the legal cost of claiming, for example in England and Wales, can be included as part of your claim in addition to your compensation, so your claim need not cost you any money to make.

Using a no win no fee agreement – your solicitor takes the risk of your claim and should you lose your legal costs will not be charged to you and should you win the person at fault will pay the costs of your claim.

A solicitor will know the essential evidence necessary to show all of your losses and justify the highest amount of compensation you are entitled to claim.

How to claim from the UK if you are injured overseas?

If you are resident in the UK and whilst abroad you suffer injury in an accident – it is often still possible to use a solicitor in the UK to make your claim.

Two examples of how to claim from the UK for overseas accidents include:

1. Accidents whilst on a package holiday

If you were on a package holiday abroad and are injured – a UK lawyer can commence a claim against the tour operator from the UK.

2. Road traffic accidents in Europe

If you are involved in a car, motor bike or other vehicle accident in Europe or are hit by a car as a pedestrian – a UK lawyer can commence your claim from the UK.

Does the process of how to claim compensation depend on the type of accident you are involved in?

“Yes” – there are many different types of accident each with a different process of how to claim compensation. Some examples Include:

1. Road traffic Accidents

The most common type of accident experienced in the UK involves motor vehicles, such as car or motorcycles.

A road traffic accident claim is commenced against the driver of the vehicle who is at fault, The driver’s motor insurers should also be properly notified of a claim to ensure that the driver is indemnified by his insurers. Indemnified is a word used to describe – that any liability of a driver for compensation is paid by the motor insurers on the driver’s behalf subject to an excess on the policy.

if the driver was uninsured or disappeared from the accident scene, as in a hit and run – a body known as the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) will meet the liability of the driver as though it was the motor insurer of the driver at fault.

Very strict rules apply as to the notices that should be given to the MIB to ensure compensation is paid.

When starting a road accident claim at court – an official notice must be given to the motor insurer or the MIB in advance of commencement at court failing which the insurer may not have to pay your compensation.

2. Work accidents

Accidents at work are the second most common types of accident in the UK.

The process of how to claim from an employer for personal injury starts with a letter of claim.

An employer is required by law to have a policy of insurance in place to meet any liabilities for injuries to workers and once an employer receives a letter of claim this should be passed to the employer’s insurance company who will typically liaise with you or your solicitor for the rest of the claim.

Employers are required to produce risk assessments of any tasks workers are asked to do to ensure all dangers are identified; keep records in an accident book of any injuries in the work place; report to the health and safety executive any accident that keeps a worker absent for more than three days (retaining the report and the investigation by the HSE); produce new risk assessments following accidents; produce documentation on equipment specification, etc.

Your solicitor can require sight of all this documentation to assess the likely chances of success of your claim.

How to claim free online legal help from a specialist solicitor

The process of knowing how to claim compensation might seem quite intimidating – so if you are uncertain if you have a claim, unsure whether to claim or simply wish to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist solicitor I am happy to help – with online assistance or a free call back.

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